Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-5 "48 Hours" is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


After escaping the Goa'uld, and killing Tanith, the Stargate shuts down just as Teal'c is still in the wormhole. SG-1's efforts to halt the Stargate Program are threatened when Colonel Frank Simmons of the NID gives them a 48 hour deadline to save him or else the Stargate program will continue, resulting in Teal'c's death.



While visiting Memphis the Goa'uld had been scouting in order to set up a base, SG-1 makes it into the Stargate despite Al'kesh and Death Gliders firing at them. Daniel hits the entry code and he and Sam head back to Earth with Jack joining them.

Before entering the gate, Teal'c takes an opportunity to shoot down Tanith's Al'kesh using the Death Glider cannon but moments after he crosses the event horizon, the Al'kesh crashes into the DHD, interrupting the outgoing wormhole and disconnecting the Earth Stargate before Teal'c is reintegrated.

The SGC prepares to redial the planet in an attempt to contact Teal'c, but Major Samantha Carter has them abort the sequence when a residual energy signature within the gate produces an unknown error. She quickly hypothesizes that Teal'c is in fact stored inside the gate's energy pattern buffer - and will be erased if an incoming or outgoing wormhole is established. To prevent this, the Iris is moved back several micrometres, providing the same effect as burying the gate. They also conclude that, to rescue Teal'c, they must establish an event horizon, without establishing a wormhole.

Dr. Daniel Jackson, along with Major Paul Davis, are sent to Russia in order to negotiate for temporary use of their Stargate to allow eight SG teams to return to Earth, and later for the Dial Home Device, needed to rescue Teal'c but, for their help the Russians demand access to all technology retrieved by SGC.


Meanwhile, Colonel Frank Simmons arrives at the SGC accompanied by Dr. Rodney McKay and delivers a deadline of 48 hours before Stargate Command must resume normal operations. Carter is assigned to work with McKay who is very arrogant and tells her that she made many mistakes in developing her computer-Stargate interface; he also believes that Teal'c can't be rescued, even if they manage to reintegrate him.

As negotiations with the Russians continue to go poorly and McKay and Carter have difficulty working together, Simmons approaches Major General George S. Hammond and offers to hand over the knowledge required to save Teal'c, for a price - a Goa'uld Kara kesh. Hammond however refuses, but knows that the only reason they could want a hand device is if they had a Goa'uld.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, in the meantime, searches for alternate options to rescue Teal'c. During his search he runs into Harold Maybourne, whom he soon enlists in an attempt to obtain the intelligence Simmons has access to. They eventually succeed by infiltrating an NID "safehouse" where they find the Goa'uld controlling Adrian Conrad. He refuses to help them, but reveals that Simmons was a better negotiator.

This prompts Jack to seek the surveillance videos, which indeed show Simmons interrogating the Goa'uld prisoner; also recorded was the Goa'uld describing how to rescue Teal'c.

Archivo:Siler remove DHD crystal.JPG

Daniel manages to convince the Russians to loan them the DHD - a requirement for the rescue - by offering them Naquadah generator technology.


McKay protests the plan, arguing that it's a Goa'uld plot to destroy the SGC, but is ignored and furthermore sent to Russia as part of the deal, which doesn't make him happy. Hammond also has Simmons arrested with the evidence O'Neill and Maybourne uncovered.

A while later, in the Embarkation Room, MSgt. Sylvester Siler and Carter manage to make the necessary modifications to the DHD, by removing the main control crystal, in order to create an event horizon without a wormhole, thereby "tricking" the Stargate into reintegrating Teal'c, who stumbles through the Stargate with no perception that something had gone wrong. However, the DHD unexpectedly explodes moments later. Teal'c steps off the ramp and states that he has had his revenge - Tanith is dead.


Alaska; Al'kesh; Area 51; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; David Cassidy; Shaun Cassidy; Coffee; Colorado Springs; Control crystal; Death Glider; Dial Home Device; Lemon; Lemon chicken; MALP; Memphis; Minot; Moscow; Naquadah; Naquadah generator; North Dakota; P4C-796; President of the United States; Russia; SG-2; SG-5; SG-8; Squirrel; Staff cannon; Tok'ra

Notable QuotesEditar

Carter: The error we're receiving from the Gate seems to indicate that there is still an energy pattern stored in the memory buffer.
Jackson: Teal'c.
Carter: If the Al'kesh crashed into the DHD on the other planet, it would have cut off power to the outgoing Gate. The wormhole would have been severed prematurely. Now if that happened before our Gate was able to reconvert Teal'c's energy signature back into matter...
Hammond: Teal'c is in our Stargate.
Carter: His energy signature, yes. Stored in the memory.
Jackson: Well let's get him out.
Carter: Right now I'm not sure how. That's not the worst problem.
Jackson: There's worse?

(O'Neill finds Maybourne near his car)
Maybourne: Hi, Jack.
O'Neill: (runs towards him) You rat bastard!
Maybourne: (takes cover) Hey, hey, take it easy!
O'Neill: I'm so gonna kick your ass!
Maybourne: There's people watching.
O'Neill: I don't care!!
Maybourne: It wasn't me. I didn't shoot you, Jack.
O'Neill: I trusted you!
Maybourne: Come on, would I come back here like this if I'd done it?
O'Neill: You might!

(After O'Neill's disbelief in his offer of assistance)
Maybourne: If you need me, I'm checked into the Accent Inn under the name Cassidy.
O'Neill: David, or Shaun?
Maybourne: (gives him a look) Butch.

Carter: (on the phone to Daniel) Is there any chance you can get the Russians to give us their DHD?
Chekov: (in other room) This is impossible at the moment.
Jackson: Not without giving back Alaska.

McKay: There's no switch.  The crystals are wiped clean by an unstable vortex of a forming wormhole, hmm? (Steps to his left, opens the glass case, and reaches for a pie) Do you have any idea how much excess energy one of those blasts gives off?
Carter: As a matter of fact, I do.  Now, what we need to do is to find a way to establish an event horizon without the vortex.
McKay: (laughs slightly) That's impossible.
Carter: I've seen it done before.
McKay: What?  By magical fairy beings? (Turns to the cook) Is there lemon on the chicken?
Cook: (Looks annoyed) It's lemon chicken.
McKay: (laughs slightly) So it is. I am mortally allergic to citrus.  One drop of lemon and I could die. I'll have whatever that is.
(The cook looks annoyed while plopping the stuff onto McKay's plate. Carter looks worried as the stuff is being plopped onto McKay's plate.)
McKay: I have to be very careful.

McKay: I wish I didn't find you so attractive. I always had a weakness for dumb blondes.
Carter: Go suck a lemon.
McKay: Very sexy.  Very very sexy.

O'Neill: Hey. You sure you want to be in there for this.
Siler: Not really, sir.
O'Neill: I wasn't talking to you!

Teal'c: I had my revenge.


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  • This episode was originally titled "Teal'c Interrupted".
  • Shortly after the dire situation is presented in this episode, Major Paul Davis a.k.a. 'Major Disaster' walks on the scene.
  • In this episode, two Dial Home Devices are destroyed on screen.
  • While Harold Maybourne is "hacking" the NID database to search for a classified flight, the computer screen shows part of the HTML code of a website called "So You Wanna Be A Hacker".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay, a role that would recur in future Stargate SG-1 episodes. Hewlett would later join the main cast of Stargate: Atlantis, playing McKay as one of the main characters.
  • The weapon used by Teal'c to take down Tanith is actually a Staff cannon from a Death Glider. He got this from a shot-down Death Glider in "The Fifth Man." One of his alternate reality counterparts was seen wielding this weapon as well in "Ripple Effect."
  • The Tanith in this episode was computer generated. The writers wanted to have him die in an epic battle with Teal'c, but due to problems, they killed him off in this way.
  • For some reason, McKay's first name is not revealed in this episode and would not be revealed up until the Season 8 finale episode, Moebius, Part 1.


  • When Harold Maybourne shows Colonel Jack O'Neill the NID flight data, the page lists the first flight as landing in "MINOT AIR FORCE BASE, NORTH DAKODA". 'Dakoda' is an obvious misspelling of Dakota. It is correct on the second flight though.

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In other languagesEditar

  • French: 48 Heures (48 Hours)
  • Italian: 48 Ore (48 Hours)
  • Spanish: 48 Horas (48 Hours)
  • Czech: 48 hodin (48 Hours)

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