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"Birthright" is the tenth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 encounter the Hak'tyl Resistance, a group of rebel Jaffa females who renounced their "god" Moloc as a false one, after realizing he had ordered all young females to be put to death. SG-1 proposes that they no longer need to rely on symbiotes, since they are running low on them, and offers them a substitute, Tretonin. Meanwhile, Teal'c gets closer to the Hak'tyl leader, Ishta.



On an alien planet a Jaffa named Ryk'l walks through the forest and is confronted by SG-1. He wants to help them but they are ambushed and he is killed by attacking Jaffa. Suddenly, the ambushers are killed by several female Jaffa, who ask SG-1 to come with them. They also take the Goa'uld symbiote from the dead Jaffa. SG-1 follows them through the Stargate to their planet Hak'tyl (meaning liberation in Goa'uld). While walking to the Jaffa village, SG-1 discusses the similarities between these women and the Earth legend of the Amazons. At the village they meet the leader Ishta, who knows about Teal'c and wants an alliance with Earth. Teal'c is not happy about the Hak'tyl killing other Jaffa, though Ishta shows him a girl whose life was saved by the symbiote.

Ishta later tells Major Samantha Carter that the Goa'uld lord Moloc decreed that all newborn female Jaffa should be killed. However, because Ishta was the temple high priestess, she had the means to bring the girls to Hak'tyl. The Jaffa want the help of Stargate Command for basic supplies and symbiotes, but Carter tells them about the Tretonin. Later Carter discusses this with her teammates, but Teal'c is not pleased. He goes into the forest, where he finds a glade marked with symbols of several designs. Ishta shows up and they talk about the situation of the Jaffa. When they enter a great place they start to fight with training weapons. During the fight Ishta finds out that Teal'c doesn't carry a symbiote, much to her surprise.

Ishta then informs her people about the situation and wants four volunteers to go to Earth to test the Tretonin. Although the women are initially reluctant, four volunteer. One of them is a girl named Nesa but her older sister doesn't want her to go. At Stargate Command, the Hak'tyl Jaffa are greeted by Major General George S. Hammond. On the planet Teal'c talks with Ishta about his family and the Jaffa Rebellion. In the evening, when they are in a tent, they kiss. At SGC Carter talks with a woman named Mala about her life. It later turns out that Mala doesn't react to the drug. In the village Dr. Daniel Jackson talks with the girl Nesa but in the morning he is confronted by her older sister Neith, who tells him that two of her sisters were killed. To save Nesa she was forced to kill her own father.

Back at SGC, Mala's situation continues to worsen while the other three Jaffa respond well to the Tretonin. Although she will die without it, she refuses to take back her symbiote. Back on the planet Neith plans to challenge Ishta's leadership, despite the worries of the others, while Nesa's health worsens. At the SGC, Mala finally dies and Daniel informs the others after Ishta defeats Neith. To save Nesa, Ishta plans to find another symbiote, while Daniel and Teal'c are imprisoned by the Jaffa. However, they are then brought to Nesa and inform her about the situation. She agrees to try the Tretonin.

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On another planet, the Hak'tyl have defeated several Jaffa, but Ishta is shocked when one of the severely wounded Jaffa declares his desire to be free. As Ishta wonders at how many others like him they have killed that day, Neith is shot by a Jaffa, who is then shot by Teal'c's zat. Neith is brought to the SGC where she meets Nesa, who now also takes the Tretonin, much to Neith's shock. The girl is able to convince her sister to take the Tretonin and she finally agrees.

The female Jaffa are soon healed, and prepare to leave the SGC. Just as they do so, Teal'c and Ishta kiss passionately.


Amazons; Apophis; Bow; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; Ceremony of Fire; Bra'tac; Chulak; Drey'auc; Energy bar; First Prime; Goa'uld; Hak'tyl; Hak'tyl Resistance; Horse; Imperial Guard; Jaffa Rebellion; Joma secu; Kin'dra; Moloc; Planet (Birthright); Rya'c; Shel kek nem ron; Shol'va; Stargate Command infirmary; Syn'ac; Tretonin

Notable QuotesEditar

(SG-1 is being led by a group of all women rebel Jaffa)
Jackson: Can't help but think of the ancient Greek Amazon mythos.
O'Neill: Yes, me too...
Jackson: They werem, um, female warriors who would occasionally capture men of other tribes in order to mate with them. They would often, um, sometimes remove their right breast so they could more easily fire a bow and arrow.
O'Neill: I see neither bow nor arrow.
Jackson: No.
O'Neill: Wait... you don't suppose that's why they want us, do you? I mean, you know, the three of us?
Jackson: Wh, to m... to mate with? No, no I don't think so.
O'Neill: 'Cause you know me, I'm all for helping people.
Carter: (laughing) Oh, God.

(Carter is in the tent talking to Ishta while the men of SG-1 are stuck outside)
O'Neill: Well this is odd.
Jackson: She probably feels more comfortable talking to Sam.
O'Neill: Why, because we have penises?
Jackson: (Looks embarrassedly at Jack, coughs) Power Bar?
O'Neill: Yeah, thank you.

Jackson: Tretonin?
Carter: We've had success with it so far.
O'Neill: On all two test subjects.
Carter: It hasn't been easy. Jaffa won't willingly give up their symbiotes, despite the fact it could ultimately free them.
Teal'c: Jaffa believe they will be weaker without them.
Jackson: That's centuries of Goa'uld brainwashing.
O'Neill: Will these women do it?
Carter: They're thinking about it. They've suffered some horrible atrocities at the hands of the Jaffa who serve Moloc. It's easy to see why they don't have a problem killing a few of them to survive.
Teal'c: A Jaffa is taught it is more noble to die than to kill another.
Carter: Teal'c, these children have been genetically altered to depend on symbiotes, and then had all access to them taken away. Their guardians believe this is the only way for them to survive.
Teal'c: Then they will have to see there is another way.
O'Neill: Give 'em the old Teal'c charm!

Ishta: It means "courage." Each design represents an ideal that no warrior should ever forget.
Teal'c: Impressive that I did not sense your approach.
Ishta: Is not stealthiness one of the first talents taught to a Jaffa soldier?
Teal'c: With varying degrees of success.

Ishta: I am asking for four volunteers to travel with me to the Tau'ri to test its effectiveness. (no one responds)
O'Neill: Is that a pin dropping?

Hammond: Dr. Jackson? Teal'c?
O'Neill: As Teal'c would say, undomesticated equines couldn't drag him away.

Mala: You are close to Colonel O'Neill?
Carter: Yeah. I like to think we have a special relationship.
Mala: I hope to someday have a special relationship.
Carter: Oh, no, no, it's not like that.
Mala: Like what?
Carter: We aren't... you know, I mean, we don't...
Mala: I was speaking of the mutual respect you share.
Carter: I knew that.

Ishta: When will the Goa'uld thirst for conquest and bloodshed end?
Teal'c: When they are all dead.

Jackson: You OK?
Ny'sa: My sister says I shouldn't talk to you.
Jackson: You don't have to. I'll just sit here for a while. I'm Daniel. (Ny'sa looks at him) I wasn't talking to you.
Ny'sa: Who were you talking to, then?
Jackson: No one. So how are you?
Ny'sa: I feel tired.
Jackson: Who were you talking to?
Ny'sa: No one. What are those on your face?
Jackson: Uh, they're called "glasses." They help me see better.
Ny'sa: Why would you need to see better?
Jackson: 'Cause my eyes don't see as well as they should.
Ny'sa: How do they work?
(Jackson takes his glasses off and puts them on Ny'sa) 
Ny'sa: These make your sight worse. (she gives his glasses back)
Jackson: Yeah, well they work differently for different people.
Ny'sa: Perhaps you are in need of a symbiote.
Jackson: Yeah, I'll just stick with the glasses.


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In other languagesEditar

  • French: Les Amazones (The Amazons)
  • Italian: Diritto di Nascita (Birthright)
  • Spanish: Derecho de Nacimiento (Birthright)
  • Czech: Právo na zrození
  • German: Die Hak'tyl (The Hak'tyl)
  • Hungarian: A születés joga (Right of birth)

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