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"Dominion" is the nineteenth episode of the tenth season of Stargate SG-1.


Adria is revealed to have survived the Sangraal and returns to the Milky Way. SG-1 use a cunning plan to capture her. However, their plan is thwarted when Ba'al gets her soon after, where he plans to make her relinquish some of her armies to his control.

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Previously on Stargate SG-1Editar

Vala Mal Doran is kidnapped by Athena and The Trust in order to access her memories to find the location of the Clava Thessara Infinitas, a storehouse of Ancient treasure. Dr. Daniel Jackson is turned into a Prior by Adria but betrays her and helps SG-1 get aboard an Ori warship. After using the Prior disruptor on Adria, Jackson uses his powers to knock her out and fly the ship, with an active Sangraal on board, through the Supergate to the Alteran Home Galaxy.


Because Adria is able to sense deception within others, Vala Mal Doran has hatched a plan: SG-1 implants false memories into Vala with the Galaran memory device, detailing her escaping from Stargate Command, as they had turned against her. Because Vala believes that these memories are entirely real, Adria does not realize that it is part of a deception. When Vala leads her in search of the Clava Thessara Infinitas, and take her to the planet SG-1 ambushes them with Prior disruptors to stop Adria from using her powers. However, Ba'al's Jaffa beam in and kidnap Adria.

Ba'al reveals that he is going to take control of her armies by implanting her with a symbiote. SG-1 rescues her (killing a Ba'al clone), but realize that the symbiote, Ba'al, has already taken Adria as a host and controls her. He attempts to buy time to overcome the Prior disruptor, offering the information that the Ori are truly dead. When SG-1 informs him that they plan to swap him with a Tok'ra symbiote, he tells them it would not be strong enough to suppress Adria's personality. He also threatens to kill her instead of allowing them to succeed.

When the Tok'ra arrive and try to remove Ba'al, he releases symbiote toxin into Adria's bloodstream, leaving her on her deathbed, too weak to be blended with the Tok'ra symbiote. They try to kill her with a larger toxin dose while she is unconscious, but she wakes up and throws Dr. Daniel Jackson and the guards across the room.

Knowing that she is dying, Adria seals herself in the infirmary with Vala. Using her Ori telekinetic powers to hold the doors closed, she begins preparations for ascension. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c attempt to cut their way in, but are distracted when Adria releases coolant into the corridor where Daniel is trapped. Vala attempts to kill Adria with one of the guard's guns, but is lifted into the air by Adria's telekinetic powers, allowing her to complete the ascension process uninterrupted.

SG-1 is left speculating whether the Ori are dead as Ba'al said, thereby leaving all their former power to Adria, or whether Adria has joined them in their crusade. Vala however points out that, whether or not the Ori are still alive, they have dealt a heavy blow to the invading armies by depriving them of their leader.


Adria's pendant; Ancient; Area 51; Ascension; Athena; Ba'al's Ha'tak; Clava Thessara Infinitas; Cloak; Coolant; Cordon Bleu; Dancing with the Stars; Galaran; Galaran memory device; Goa'uld; International Oversight Advisory; Invisibility device; Odyssey; Ori; Orici; P3R-112; Planet (Dominion); Prior disruptor; Qetesh; Sangraal; SG-3; SG-8; Short range communicator; Sodan; Supergate; Symbiote poison; Symbiote toxin; Telekinesis; Tibet; Tok'ra; Tretonin; Unnamed planet (Dominion); Zanuf; Zat'nik'tel

Notable QuotesEditar

Vala: I thought this was an honest establishment.
Gambler: It is. And that's why it's necessary to have you searched. (chips fall out of her sleeves)
Vala: I don't suppose we could call this even?

Mitchell: (to Adria) You didn't really think we'd invite you to a party and not disable your funky power, did you?

Vala: Hello Gorgeous! If you're watching this you're obviously back at Stargate Command. And you're probably thinking everyone around you has gone completely wonko. With the exception of Daniel who, let's face it, was always a little bit—
Jackson: (off screen) Vala!
Vala: Sorry. Um, seriously, though, substituting our memories was my idea. Brilliant, I know and incredibly brave! But it was the only way for the plan to work. So, if you are watching this, you have obviously made it back. And let me be the first to say, "well done," and enjoy the substantial pay rise that's been promised to you if the mission succeeds.
Jackson: (off screen) Okay, that's enough. Thank you. Thanks, I got it. Good.
Carter: We heard that Adria had returned through the Supergate. Now, if the Ori are dead, we thought we might be able to convince her to leave quietly with her army.
Jackson: We knew that she'd be able to tell if you were lying to her, so as far as you were concerned, it wasn't a lie.
Vala:I escaped using a Sodan Cloak. You allowed me to be exposed to radiation so that you could carry out your plan!
Carter: Uh, your plan, and, no, that was also part of the false memory. We escorted you to the planet where Adria found you, and we dropped you off.
Jackson: You slept through it like a baby.
Vala: So.... No IOA? No Reynolds’ men? No television program about dancing with supposed celebrities?
Jackson: Actually that part was real.
Vala: How very disturbing.
Carter: Yeah.
Jackson: Mm hm.

Ba'al: Comfy?
Adria: You made a terrible mistake. Release me now, and I will be merciful.
Ba'al: You're so much more pleasant when you lack the ability to snap my neck with your thoughts.
Adria: You're a fool! Dealing with powers way beyond your means! When my army catches up to you—
Ba'al: Don't waste your breath! Your army has no idea where you are, and it'll be days before they even begin to question your disappearance. Even then, all their queries will lead them…to the Tau'ri.
Adria: If you intend to kill me, you should know the Ori will not halt their attacks on this galaxy.
Ba'al: I have no intention of killing you. As a matter of fact, my whole plan hinges on your being very much alive.
Adria: So you can ransom me for your freedom.
(She steps close to the bars, in front of him.)
Ba'al: Far from it. You can offer me something far more valuable. Control…of your army.
Adria: (chucking and smiling) They'll never listen to you.
Ba'al: No. But they do listen to you.
Adria: There's nothing you can do to make me bend my army to your will.
(He leans in very close to her.)
Ba'al: (in Goa'uld voice) Well, I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Mitchell: (to Ba'al) Right now you're like a broke down Pinto engine in a '71 Mustang, so we're swapping you out for a big block Tok'ra.

Landry: Ba'al is in Adria?
Mitchell: Yes, sir. It's the bad guy equivalent of cordon bleu.


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  • When SG-1 encounters the dead group of meeting Ba'al clones several supposedly dead Jaffa can be seen moving in the background.
  • The wires coming out of Adria's shirt disappear and reappear throughout the final confrontation.
  • When SG-1 is on board the Odyssey, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter trips on her chair while Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is talking to Vala Mal Doran.
  • For the second episode in a row, the SG-1 and Earth symbol patches on Vala's uniform are on the wrong sides, mainly in the scenes of her in the SGC briefing room, including the video she filmed for herself.
  • Just after Dr. Daniel Jackson fires a Staff weapon to free Adria from the cell (time index 25:16) you can see Carter in the background discharging her weapon, but in the very next scene with the camera in front of her, she is clearly holding her gun in the ready position and peering around the corner looking for Jaffa guards (time index 25:18).

In other languagesEditar

  • French: La Symbiose du Mal (The Evil Symbiosis)
  • Italian: Dominio (Dominion)
  • Spanish: Dominio (Dominion)
  • Czech: Panství (Dominion)
  • German: Ba'als Letztes Gefecht (Ba'al's Last Stand)

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