"Insiders" is the fourth episode of the tenth season of Stargate SG-1.


An Al'kesh is shot down and crashed on Earth. The pilot; Ba'al, wants SG-1's protection from his clones, and for payback, he will help SG-1 search for the Sangraal. However, SG-1 plans to capture the clones first to see which one is the real one.

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Previously on Stargate SG-1Editar

Colonel Jack O'Neill has the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain by the Repository of knowledge and inputs new Stargate addresses into the Stargate Command computer. Over the last several months, Ba'al has been stealing Stargates. The hunt for the Sangraal leads to Atlantis where Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran encounter the ascended Morgan Le Fay who gives them the gate addresses of Castiana and Sahal.


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In the Briefing Room, SG-1 updates Major General Henry Landry on the search for Merlin's Sangraal that could defeat the Ori. Landry informs them that Dr. Daniel Jackson is working at Camelot to decipher the texts in Merlin's library. CMSgt. Walter Harriman enters and informs them that an Al'kesh has entered Earth's atmosphere and is heading towards Stargate Command. When the vessel does not respond to hails, Landry orders it to be shot down by an F-16 Fighting Falcon and it crash lands. To everyone's surprise, the pilot is none other than Ba'al.

Ba'al informs SG-1 that his clones, which he had created to assist him, are now turning against him, and he is seeking SG-1's help in tracking them down and obliterating them. In exchange, he promises to assist SG-1 by giving them the key to finding the planet on which the Sangraal is located. Agent Malcolm Barrett arrives to take possession of Ba'al as part of his investigation into The Trust but Landry refuses.

Realizing that Ba'al's clones might turn over the location of the Sangraal to the Ori, the team sets to work capturing the clones and bringing them back to the SGC. Soon, there are nearly 20 Ba'al clones in isolation at the SGC, all claiming to be the real Ba'al. Barrett not willing to wait, goes to interrogate on of the prisoners but is overpowered and all the clones escape and take Barrett and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter hostage.


Ba'al forces Carter to download the list of all gate addresses in the SGC computer - including the addresses of Ancient worlds input by Colonel Jack O'Neill when he had the information from the Ancient Repository of knowledge in his brain. While Dr. Bill Lee and MSgt. Sylvester Siler attempt to pump Symbiote poison into the ventilation system, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala Mal Doran lead teams to corner the clones. Unfortunately, the clones use their combined locator beacons to overcome the SGC jamming signals and beam out of the SGC.

Realizing Baal's plan worked only because of Barrett, they question him, believing and soon confirming he has been the victim of brainwashing by The Trust. He is taken into custody. Carter apologizes for giving Baal the list of Stargate addresses, but Landry says that she did the right thing.


Al'kesh; Ancient; Anubis; Asgard; Ba'al's Al'kesh; Ba'al's Tel'tak; Baseball; Brainwashing; Camelot; Camulus; Castiana; Cheyenne Mountain; Cloning; Dakara; Dakara superweapon; DNA; F-16 Fighting Falcon; Foothold situation; Goa'uld; President Henry Hayes; Daniel Jackson; Jaffa High Council; Level 14; Level 15; Level 16; Level 17; Locator beacon; Merlin; Morgan Le Fay; NID; NORAD; Ori; Major General Jack O'Neill; P3R-272; Pegasus; Peterson Air Force Base; Prior; Qetesh; Replicator; Repository of knowledge; Russia; Sahal; Sangraal; Selenis; SG-12; SG-14; Symbiote poison; Spartacus; Tel'tak; Transportation rings; The Trust; Washington D.C.; Zat'nik'tel

Notable QuotesEditar

Mitchell: Has he said anything?
Landry: Only that he won't talk to anybody but SG-1.
Carter: Lucky us.
Landry: Franky I'm inclined to let him rot.
Mitchell: That's all right, sir. We'll talk to him. After all he did come all this way.

Teal'c: You are suggesting that Ba'al attempted to gain control of the council in order to gain access to the Ancient device.
Vala: With the purpose of wiping out all life in the galaxy except his own little corner, of course.
Mitchell: That was Anubis' plan.
Ba'al: I never said it was original.

(Lee clicks a button on the remote in his hand, making the screen display dots indicating the locations of planets while the team watches)
Mitchell: Those are the Ba'als?
Lee: More like dots really.
(Landry and Teal'c are unamused)
Lee: (smiling) Get it? "Dots", "balls"?
(The team continues to wait in silence. Lee clears his throat and resumes the briefing.)

Landry: You don't think you can control her?
Mitchell: Sir, I know I can't control her, but that's pretty much par for the course. Sir, Carter and I are the same rank, Teal'c's an alien, Jackson's a civilian. I learned a long time ago I don't control anything.
Landry: Who does.

Mitchell: What the hell are you doing?
Vala: I alerted the Jaffa patrol to our presence.
Mitchell: Obviously. Do you mind if I ask why?
Vala: So they'd sound the alarm, and send reinforcements.
Mitchell: (sarcastically) Oh well that's, that's brilliant. Hey, how come I didn't think of that?
Vala: (standing in the rings) My dear Colonel, where do you think the reinforcements will come from?

Mitchell: You know what? This is giving me a headache. What say we finish this up at home. (he grabs Ba'al) Let's go, Spartacus.

Mitchell: Chief, we've got a full count. Two strikes, three Ba'als.
Harriman: (laughing) Oh. That's clever, sir.
Carter: (rolling her eyes) He was thinking that one up the whole way home.
Mitchell: Yeah, the whole three seconds.

Landry: Barrett, I was wondering when you'd be back.
Barrett: I understand you've got yourself a few extra Ba'als.
(Landry stares)
Barrett: I don't suppose you'd consider letting me take a few off your hands.

Landry: Somebody give me some good news.
Mitchell: Sorry, sir. I still don't have anything useful.
Vala: I didn't even make it to first base.


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  • When Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell returns from the mission when capturing the two Ba'als, they claim that the trip took 3.2 seconds, in the season 9 episode "Ripple Effect" Carter elaborates on the subject saying that "(though the trip) feels instantaneous, on average a trip takes 0.3 seconds but in this case the trip took 3.4 seconds". As this was a normal trip without any ripple effects, the trip should have taken 0.3 seconds.
  • Shortly before Ba'al and his clones are beamed aboard the Tel'tak, the face of Cliff Simon's stand-in can be seen.

In other languagesEditar

  • French: La Guerre des Clones (Clone Wars)
  • Italian: Infiltrati (Infiltrated)
  • Spanish: Intrusos (Intruders)
  • Czech: Ba'alovy klony (Ba'al clones)
  • German: Insiderwissen (Insider Knowledge)

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