Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-3 "Deadman Switch" is the seventh episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 is captured by Aris Boch, a bounty hunter working for Sokar, and proves to be almost impossible to escape from. He forces them to help him capture a Goa'uld hiding on their planet, but SG-1 soon discovers they are about to capture a Tok'ra.


While looking for a downed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, SG-1 runs into a red forcefield which turns out to be a trap set by Aris Boch, a non-human bounty hunter who works for the Goa'uld. They are then disarmed and escorted to his cloaked Tel'tak, where they are imprisoned. Although Boch was hunting someone else, he is happy to have captured the famous SG-1. Afterwards he leaves but then returns with a shoulder injury, which he orders Major Samantha Carter to take care of.

Afterwards he tells SG-1 that he is hunting a Goa'uld named Kel'tar. This Goa'uld is plotting against Sokar and thus the powerful System Lord offered a high reward for his capture. He then press-gangs the help of Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson to capture Kel'tar, while Carter and Teal'c are imprisoned in the back of the cargo ship. Outside the ship Aris even gives Jack a Zat'nik'tel with which to hunt, but the Colonel immediately shoots Boch.

Jack and Daniel then return to the ship, planning to fly it to the next planet with a Stargate. However upon returning to the Tel'tak they trigger a self-destruct mechanism that they are unable to shut down (since Carter and Teal'c are still imprisoned). However, this is revealed to be another of Boch's mind games, who returns and deactivates the self-destruct. It is then revealed that a Zat does not affect him, thanks to his armor (or an innate aspect of his physiology).


After their plan went wrong, Boch tells Carter more about his species: because his race can't be taken as a host for Goa'uld symbiotes, they nearly wiped out his whole race and enslaved the survivors. Boch also tells her that one day he wants to free his son.

After SG-1 is able to capture the Goa'uld Boch is hunting, it turns out that he is in fact a Tok'ra named Korra. He reveals to them that Boch is not a loyal servant of the Goa'uld but in fact chemically dependent on a substance named roshna, which only the Goa'uld can produce. He also tells them that the story of Boch's son is a lie. In the meantime, Boch has set up another trap for the team (using Carter as a bait) and finally captures all of them.

SG-1 then is able to convince Boch that the Tok'ra are not like the Goa'uld and the bounty hunter finally lets Korra go after Teal'c offered himself to be given to the Goa'uld. However Boch then decides to let him also go by tricking Sokar he and Teal'c were destroyed on his ship due to "malfunctions," but in reality jettison themselves in the escape pods. In the end he gives Carter a sample of roshna, hoping that one day his race will be free of it. He then leaves and tries to find another employer because Sokar will eventually find out about his betrayal.


Apophis; Aris Boch's Tel'tak; Beetlejuice; Bounty hunter; Jacob Carter; Cloak; Dog; Escape pod; Goa'uld; Ha'tak; Ilempiri; Jolinar of Malkshur; Kara kesh; Kevlar; PJ6-877; Roshna; Self-destruct; Selmak; Shol'va; Sokar; System Lords; Tacluchnatagamuntoron; Tok'ra; Transphase Eradication Rod; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Zat'nik'tel

Notable QuotesEditar

O'Neill: Who are you?
Aris: Aris Boch. Perhaps you've heard of me?
O'Neill: Ah, not I. Teal'c?
Teal'c: I have not.
Aris: Well, that's disappointing. I'm one of the galaxy's greatest hunters.
O'Neill: Not ringin' a bell, sorry.
Aris: Well, I know you. Captain Samantha Carter. Dr. Daniel Jackson. The Jaffa traitor Teal'c, and Colonel Jack O'Neill.
O'Neill: Well, fancy that. We're famous.

Carter: Sir, he's not Goa'uld.
O'Neill: And? But? So? Therefore?

Aris: Dr. Jackson, if you don't mind, treating my wound.
Jackson: I'm an archaeologist.
Aris: I know, but you're also a doctor.
Jackson: Of archeology.
Aris: Never mind. Captain! You must have some medical training.
Carter: Actually, I'm a Major now.
Aris: Oh, well, how important. I'll inform the galaxy. Can you get over here now and help me, Major?

Aris: I give to the Goa'uld what they want and they give back to me what I want in return.
Carter: How do you keep from getting killed?
Aris: Takes talents.
O'Neill: So. How do you keep from getting killed?

Jackson: So, uh, what do you expect to get for us?
O'Neill: Daniel...
Jackson: Just... curious.
Aris: Well, uh, Teal'c is worth the most. The, uh, System Lords would love to make a good example of him. And Carter here, well, she has the memories of the Tok'ra Jolinar. And you, O'Neill, you're considered, well, you're a pain in the mikta.
O'Neill: Neck?
Teal'c: No.
Jackson: What about... what about me?
Aris: You? Probably happy to get a day's rations for you.
Jackson: Oh. A day's rations.
O'Neill: Trade you.

Aris: All you gotta do is get close enough to shoot him with a zat'nik'tel.
O'Neill: OK, found a flaw in your plan.
Aris: Well, what's that?
O'Neill: Well, we're exactly one zat gun short of actually having a zat gun.
Aris: "Zat gun?"
O'Neill: Drop the 'nik'tel.
Aris: I guess it does save a bit of effort.

O'Neill: So what exactly did you have in mind regarding the capture of this Goa'uld? What was his name, Kevlar?
Aris: Kel'tar.

(returning to the cloaked ship after shooting Aris and running)
O'Neill: Now, how'd he open that door?
Jackson: Uh... it opened when he said that word.
O'Neill: Voice activated. What was the word?
Jackson: Uh... "bark-something."
O'Neill: (sighs) Hm. Almond bark. Barcalounger. Beetlejuice!!
Jackson: "Bark-na," I think it was "bark-na." (nothing happens)
O'Neill: Well, if it was "bark-na," the door would be opening, wouldn't it?
Jackson: This was your idea.
O'Neill: You're the linguist.
Jackson: Well, I don't remember!!
O'Neill: Well, try!!
Jackson: Ok, well... I said, "Can we talk about this?" He said, "Inside."
O'Neill: I said, "Inside what?" He said...
Jackson: He said... "Barokna!!" (the door opens)
O'Neill: Gesundheit.

O'Neill: So, Teal'c, how does one Goa'uld fire weapons from several directions?
Teal'c: Tacs.
O'Neill: Tac'n'ktels?
Teal'c: Tacluchnatagamuntorons. (Pause) Tacs.

Aris: Oh, uh, Dr. Jackson. I was lying to you before, the price on your head is much more than a day's rations. Actually, the Goa'uld wanna see you dead just as much as anyone for figuring out the Stargate.
Jackson: Thank you, that doesn't make me feel any better.


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In other languagesEditar

  • French: Le Chasseur de prime (The Bounty Hunter)
  • Italian: Cacciatore di taglie (Bounty Hunter)
  • Spanish: El cazarrecompensas (The Bounty Hunter)
  • Czech: Lovec goa'uldů (Goa'uld Hunter)
  • Hungarian: Fejvadász (Bounty Hunter)

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