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Pic Title Original Airdate #
150px Enemies (Part 2) June 29, 2001 501
After having been sent to a distant galaxy, the team is captured by Apophis, who has brainwashed Teal'c. Replicators overrun Apophis and SG-1 escape before he dies as the ship crashes into Delmak.
150px Threshold (Part 3) July 6, 2001 502
To end Teal'c's newly formed loyalty to Apophis, Bra'tac uses an old Jaffa ritual that will either bring Teal'c back, or kill him. Now Teal'c must relive his memories of being in the service of Apophis and realise he is a false god.
150px Ascension July 13, 2001 503
After returning from a planet full of ruins, Carter is visited by a mysterious young man who can walk through solid objects.
150px The Fifth Man July 20, 2001 504
Colonel O'Neill remains on an alien world to protect Lieutenant Tyler, a fifth member of SG-1 that only SG-1 members can recall
150px Red Sky July 27, 2001 505
After Major Carter overrides some of the security dialing protocols on the Stargate, SG-1 discovers that the sun of the planet they have visited has been shifted to the infra red end of the spectrum (which will doom all life on the planet), and that they are responsible.
150px Rite of Passage August 3, 2001 506
Dr. Frasier's adopted daughter, Cassandra, develops telekinetic abilities, but the strain of producing so much energy is causing multiple organ failure. SG-1 must make a deal with a forgotten enemy in order to save her but at a terrible price.
150px Beast of Burden August 10, 2001 507
Chaka, the Unas which Dr. Jackson befriended, has been kidnapped and taken to a planet where humans use them for slave labour. Jackson wants to rescue Chaka but O'Neill is reluctant to interfere.
150px The Tomb August 17, 2001 508
SG-1 gets trapped in an ancient ziggurat with a Russian team and an alien creature possessed by a Gou'uld.
150px Between Two Fires August 24, 2001 509
The Tollan, in a highly unusual change of policy, agree to share advanced technology with Earth. But SG-1 soon learns that there's something else going on.
150px 2001 August 31, 2001 510
SG-1 discover an agricultural planet inhabited by the Volians who introduce them to their more technologically advanced neighbours - the Aschen.
150px Desperate Measures September 7, 2001 511
Samantha Carter is kidnapped, forcing Jack O'Neill to team up with Harry Maybourne in order to find her.
150px Wormhole X-Treme! September 8, 2001 512
When the SGC finds out that a television show is virtually identical to their operations SG-1 investigate. They find that an alien named Martin Lloyd, first seen in Point of No Return, is giving the producers all their ideas.
150px Proving Ground March 8, 2002 513
SG-1 is running training simulations for a group of new recruits.
150px 48 Hours March 15, 2002 514
While escaping through the Stargate to the SGC, Teal'c fails to make it through the Stargate before it deactivates.
150px Summit (Part 1) March 22, 2002 515
There is a truce among the Goa'uld and the System Lords meet on a heavily guarded space station. The Tok'ra plan to kill them all but require a human who can speak fluent Goa'uld and Dr. Daniel Jackson is the only qualified candidate.
150px Last Stand (Part 2) March 29, 2002 516
A powerful System Lord shows himself for the first time in a thousand years who offers to destroy the Tau'ri and Tok'ra. Meanwhile, SG-1 and Lt. Elliot/Lantash are trying to escape the Tok'ra base.
150px Fail Safe April 5, 2002 517
SG-1 must stop a rogue asteroid on a collision course with Earth.
150px The Warrior April 12, 2002 518
The Jaffa Rebellion have a new leader who seems almost too good to be true. SG-1 is sent on a mission to negotiate an alliance. But when Teal'c is sent on a suicide mission against Yu, he finds that the new leader isn't what he seems.
150px Menace April 26, 2002 519
The team finds an android that somehow managed to survive a Replicator attack. They find out she is the mother of all Replicators.
150px The Sentinel May 3, 2002 520
SG-1 must enlist the help of two of Harry Maybourne's rogue team, from the episode "Shades of Grey," in order to fix a helpless planet's protective device from the Goa'uld.
150px Meridian May 10, 2002 521
Daniel Jackson is exposed to fatal radiation poisoning while trying to prevent the development of nuclear weapons on a planet; the government responsible for the weapons development accuse him of attempting to sabotage the device.
150px Revelations May 17, 2002 522
An Asgard scientist is stranded on a planet under attack by the Goa'uld. As the Asgard have no spare ships at the moment they had no choice but to ask the SGC to help using their salvaged Goa'uld cargo ship.

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