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"Ethon" is the fifteenth episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


Jared Kane, of the Rand Protectorate, defies orders and travels through the Stargate to Earth. He informs SG-1 that his people were visited by a Prior, who instructed them to build a satellite and, with it, destroy the Caledonian Federation. They send the Prometheus to destroy the satellite, but the ship is itself destroyed, along with a number of its crew.

Previously on Stargate SG-1Editar

On the planet Tegalus, Dr. Daniel Jackson is caught in the middle of a war between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. After being injured in the fighting, he is nursed back to health by Leda Kane. The Priors attack several worlds including the Jaffa planets Kallana and Sartorus.


Stargate Command is contacted by Jared Kane from Tegalus, who reveals to them that his nation, the Rand Protectorate, was given an Ori satellite weapon and thus become followers of the Ori. The Caledonian Federation, which is engaged in a cold war with Rand, however refuses to follow the Ori. He tells them what he knows about the weapon and SG-1 agrees to help and use the Prometheus to destroy the satellite.

However, upon their arrival, Kane and Dr. Daniel Jackson are imprisoned in Rand. The Prometheus tries to rescue Daniel but is caught in a firefight. They engage Rand's new space weapon, which was built by the Ori, but prove to be no match to its superior technology. They then try to destroy the satellite with the F-302 fighter-interceptors but they can't pass through the powerful energy shield and when the weapon fires again, the Prometheus is heavily damaged. SG-1 and most of the Prometheus' crew manage to evacuate to the surface before the ship is destroyed, taking Colonel Lionel Pendergast with it. In Caledonia, the team begins to hatch a new plan to destroy Rand's space weapon. Meanwhile, Daniel continues to try and convince Rand's President Nadal to solve the issue peacefully, but is ignored.

Back in Caledonia, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter comes up with a plan to detonate equipment from an F-302 over the Rand command bunker to release an electromagnetic pulse and disrupt the systems controlling the space weapon. The plan is effective and while the systems are down, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c move into position to destroy the space weapon. Realizing what will happen, Nadal finally decides to make a deal with Caledonia, which was proposed to him by Daniel: He will give Caledonia the Stargate and any Caledonian that does not wish to believe in Origin would be allowed to leave the planet. Caledonia's Minister Chaska grudgingly accepts the terms and Mitchell and Teal'c don't destroy the satellite.

When the control systems reactivate, Nadal goes back on his word and orders the space weapon to destroy the Caledonian capital building. However, Commander Goran Pernaux doesn't agree and shoots Nadal, and is in turn shot by his bodyguards. Jared steps in and convinces the Rand soldiers to stand down and deactivate the space weapon. When SG-1 leaves, both nations agree to try and solve their problems peacefully.

Unfortunately, shortly after SG-1 leaves the planet, peace talks between Rand and Caledonia break down, and both nations go into full scale war. All contact with the planet is lost, and both nations are presumed destroyed and the Stargate is presumed to be buried under the rubble.


Antarctica; Area 51; Asgard; Asgard shield; Atlantis; Battle of Tegalus; Beer; Book of Origin; Caledonian Federation; Cold War; Daedalus; Electromagnetic pulse; F-302 fighter-interceptor; Inertial dampener; Leda Kane; Major General Henry Landry; Locator beacon; Naquadah generator; Major General Jack O'Neill; Ori; Origin; Ori satellite; Prior; Prior disruptor; Prior staff; PRIOR2 virus; Prometheus; Railgun; Rand Protectorate; Rand-Caledonian war; Tegalan: Tegalus; Washington D.C.

Notable QuotesEditar

Mitchell: You want the big chair?
Carter: Not me. I'll sit here.
Mitchell: Sam, he's in Washington.
Carter: Yeah.
(Mitchell moves towards the chair, then backs away)
Mitchell: Right...

Jackson: Kane, I—I have to ask…Leda?
Kane: Five months ago, while Rand was deciding whether to accept Origin or not, a disease swept through the country. Thousands became deathly ill. The Prior said those who believed and embraced the Ori would be cured. That's when people everywhere began accepting them as gods. We watched…so many barter away their beliefs in exchange for their lives. But Leda, she—she refused to accept it.
Jackson: I am sorry.

Pernaux: The large vessel appears to be disabled. Shall I broadcast a call for surrender?
Nadal: The book of Origin tells us that enemies of the Ori show no mercy in their attempts to draw us away from the path. We must face this attack with all the strength we have been given. Finish them.

Mitchell: Blue squadron, this is blue leader. Break off the attack and scramble formation between the Prometheus and the weapon. Maybe one of us will get lucky and take a portion of the next shot.
Teal'c: I would not consider that lucky, Colonel Mitchell.
Mitchell: Well it could be for anybody aboard the Prometheus.

Kane: Do you ever give up?
Jackson: Not until I'm dead. (Daniel pauses for a few seconds to think his statement through.) And sometimes not even then.

Nadal: (about the power loss) To our knowledge, the Caledonians do not possess the level of technology required to do this. Such a weapon could only have been given to them by your people.
Jackson: I hope so.

Pernaux: Shut down the satellite.
Kane: You heard him, the President is dead. Commander Pernaux is next in command.
Soldier: He's also the one who killed the President!
Kane: The President violated an international treaty. You want to be the one responsible for destroying a city full of people when this goes to tribunal?

Jackson: Hey. Haven't seen you since the memorial service.
Mitchell: Yeah. It was a rough day.
Jackson: So, where you been?
Mitchell: I, um…hand-delivered Landry's letter to Colonel Pendergast's wife and kids. They needed to know that he died saving his crew…that his death mattered.
Jackson: Well, seventy-six people survived. That's a—a testament to his leadership.
Mitchell: And yours. We never would've got off that planet if you hadn't brokered the deal.
Jackson: So, I take it, then, you haven't heard.
Mitchell: Heard what?
Jackson: Soon after we left, the talks broke down.
Mitchell: And?
Jackson: And we've been unable to make contact with them. General Landry had the Daedalus reroute on its way back from Atlantis. It seems the Caledonians weren't content to just leave their fair planet.
Mitchell: They launched an attack.
Jackson: And Rand responded. The Stargate is presumed buried in the rubble.
Mitchell: Rough day.
Jackson: Rough day.


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In other languagesEditar

  • French: Ingérence (Interference)
  • Italian: La Missione Tragica (The Tragic Mission)
  • Spanish: Ethon
  • Czech: Satelit (Satellite)

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