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"Fallout" is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


Jonas Quinn arrives back to Earth for help, due to the mining of the Naquadria, Langara experiences several violent tremors, and will face an earthquake that will destroy Kelowna.


Jonas Quinn returns to Stargate Command, because there is a problem on Kelowna. He tells them that they found out how the Naquadria was created and that the process which transforms Naquadah into Naquadria is still going on. This process now works deeper and deeper into their planet and will soon destroy it.

Major Samantha Carter goes to Kelowna where she is presented with Jonas's research. During this time she also meets his assistant, Kianna Cyr. In the meantime, the representatives of the three major powers of Langara (the new name of their planet) arrive on Earth where they are presented with the fact that although the center of the catastrophe will lie in Kelowna, the whole planet will become uninhabitable. Back on Kelowna the three scientists are still researching until an earthquake takes place. On Earth the three parties are still facing problems in their plans of evacuating the planet. Another problem is brought to the table when it is revealed that it was the Kelownan test of the Naquadria bomb that caused the chain which is destroying the planet. This causes much outrage from the representatives until Colonel Jack O'Neill loses his patience.

On Kelowna, Carter finds a way to solve the problem by detonating a nuke in a fault near the Naquadria vein, stopping the transformation from reaching the pocket, and Jonas shows her a Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle which can dig into earth. Together with tunnel crystals from the Tok'ra they would be able to dig deep enough, so Teal'c goes to the Tok'ra to bring some of them back. While Sam is checking the digger she talks with Jonas about Kianna, who, unknown to them, injects herself with something in the laboratory. Later Sam finds out that the machine uses Goa'uld technology and they find out that Kianna is controlled by a symbiote, with proof being that she has a long-range Goa'uld communication device. When they confront her she reveals that she works for Ba'al but that she also wants to save the planet.

Because all of their simulations with the digger fail, they decide to take the Goa'uld on board to help make constant ongoing modifications during the digger's operation. In the meantime, the delegates on Earth face the problem that Ba'al may come to the planet because the Goa'uld in Kianna hasn't made a scheduled contact with him. However, they decide to ignore this problem and instead concentrate on the possible evacuation, which also brings problems due to the mistrust between the three nations, until Jack tells them that they won't help them with the evacuation. Back in the digger they also have several problems but thanks to the Goa'uld and Sam they are able to solve them each in turn. However, they finally get stuck and the only way to come close enough to the Naquadria is by using the tunnel crystals to create a tunnel large enough for a single person to get down. Because the tunnel would be filled with toxic gas and heat the Goa'uld decides to go, as she will protect her host, and although this offer was made much to the surprise of the others, as there is no other choice, they still agree. The Goa'uld is able to plant the bomb, but the digger is steadily losing power. She barely manages to return in time due to being seriously weakened. They start their rise back to the surface and barely reach it before they deplete their energy reserves. At Stargate Command the parties are informed by the Kelownans that they located a large explosion at the planned coordinates.

After this mission the team returns to SGC where Kianna gets medical treatment, although her symbiote dies. She reveals that the Goa'uld was impressed by them and that she saved her life. Together with Jonas she returns to Kelowna.


Andari Federation; Anubis; Ba'al; Data Crystal; Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle; Deuterium; Earthquake; Janet Fraiser; Goa'uld; Joint Ruling Council; Kelowna; Kianna Cyr's Goa'uld; Langara; Langaran; Long range visual communication device; Madrona; Madronan; Mount Kallan; Muon radiation; Naquadah; Naquadah dampener; Naquadria; Nuclear warhead; Shol'va; Thanos; Titanium; Tirania Confederacy; Tok'ra; Tok'ra tunnel; Volcano

Notable QuotesEditar

Eremal: If you knew more of our history you'd understand our reluctance to believe Kelownan propaganda.
Jackson: Well our own scientists have studied the problem. And while it is true that Kelowna will bear the brunt of the initial explosion—in fact by our calculations half the country's landmass will be destroyed—you're not taking into account the dust and debris that will be thrown into the upper atmosphere. It will block the sunlight and lower the average temperature significantly. For all intents and purposes, your entire planet will be uninhabitable.

Carter: It's possible to create these particles in the lab. But there's really only one way they could have been produced in sufficient quantity and with enough energy to penetrate several miles under the crust of the planet.
Jonas: It was the naquadria bomb test. The test we conducted two years ago. We did this to ourselves.

Jackson: This is diplomacy, Jack. This is the way the game is played. It takes patience.
O'Neill: Yeah? Well I'm fresh out.
Teal'c: As am I.
O'Neill: I think you're on your own.

Kianna: You made the right choice. Your confidence in me will not go unrewarded.
Carter: We had to choice. And for the record, our confidence in you is minimal.
Kianna: Which is no doubt why the Sholva will be accompanying us. And why all of you are armed.

(When confronting the Langaran delegation)
O'Neill: You folks are done
Dreylock: I don't understand.
O'Neill: Well, you see, we actually like the Medronans. They're nice people. And we've decided there is no way we would subject them to the likes of you. Deal's off, you're toast.
Tarthus: General?
Hammond: Colonel O'Neill is right. You can stay until we hear back from Jonas and Major Carter.
O'Neill: (smiling) That's what you get for dicking around.

Kianna: You waited.
Jonas: You held up your end of the bargain.
Kianna: Was that your only reason?

Jackson: Miss it?
Jonas: Yeah. I do.


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  • The original title of this episode was "Turn of Events".
  • This episode marks the first and only guest-star return of Jonas Quinn.
  • The issue with Ba'al is never revisited, despite it being a "distinct" possibility he will come to the planet if Kianna Cyr's Goa'uld does not report in. Although, it is revealed that Kianna didn't tell him about the Naquadria as she wanted it for herself. Its possible she did report in and created a lie so he wouldn't come to the planet before dying.
  • The Goa'uld states that " symbiote will protect me". A Goa'uld would have said "I will protect the host". However she could have meant the human when she spoke of the "symbiote". In which case it would have been correct, as the human body does indeed shield her from the harmful effects, although an unusual way of saying it.
  • This episode is one of very few in the series where a Goa'uld is shown to be capable of romantic emotions as is shown by Kianna's Goa'uld towards Jonas Quinn.
  • This episode shares certain similarities with the 2003 film Plantilla:WPS.
  • Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) pitched the story and wrote the outline for this episode which Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie turned into the final script.


  • Major Samantha Carter sketches the process of nuclear fusion on a blackboard. She misspells Deuterium (an isotope of Hydrogen) as "deutrinium". This may also be intentional, considering the fictional metal Trinium was previously discovered in an earlier episode, which forms the later half of the word. It could then be theorized that it is some form of fictional combination of Deuterium and Trinium. One real and the other fictional.
  • The audio transmission from Kelowna reporting the success of the mission states that there was an explosion and that "geological survey places the epicenter at the target coordinates". Since the target is underground, the correct term would be Plantilla:WPS, as the Plantilla:WPS is the point on the surface beneath which the earthquake happens.
  • The Madronans' homeworld, called Madronis here, was called Madrona in both "Touchstone" and "Disclosure".
  • In "Homecoming," it was stated that Jonas was returning to Langara as the Kelownan representative on the Joint Ruling Council, however, this episode seems to depict him as little more than just a scientist while someone else acts as the Kelownan representative.

In other languagesEditar

  • French: Dangereuse Alliance (Dangerous Alliance)
  • Italian: Disastro Imminente (Imminent Disaster)
  • Spanish: Secuelas (Consequences)
  • Czech: Hrozba z podzemí (Threat from Underground)
  • German: Kiannas Symbiont (Kianna's Symbiote)
  • Hungarian: Végveszély (Imminence, Peril)

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