"Bounty" is the fifteenth episode of the tenth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1's efforts to weaken the Lucian Alliance forces Netan to place a bounty on each of their heads. While SG-1 go their separate ways to spend their time off, the bounty hunters are on their trail.

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Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell rings into a darkened room. Moving to the cargo he slices open a bag with his knife, finding kassa kernels inside. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Dr. Daniel Jackson ring into similar cargo rooms and begin setting explosives with a countdown of one minute. Sam notices a green light scanning the room. She radios the team telling them to get out. Daniel and Teal'c finish, and all but Mitchell ring out. He has been caught by a number of guards. A firefight ensues, pinning Mitchell.


Aboard a Goa'uld Tel'tak piloted by Vala Mal Doran, Carter informs Mitchell that everyone else is done. Teal'c offers to help, but there is no time—the explosives will detonate in less than 30 seconds. Mitchell manages to get onto the ring platform, and Sam activates it remotely from the transport. The transport flies away as the kassa transport train explodes.

On board a Lucian Alliance Ha'tak, Netan, the leader of the Lucian Alliance, receives the news that a third raid by SG-1 has destroyed another transport. This has severely depleted the kassa supply. Enraged, Netan places a bounty on SG-1.

Back on Earth, Vala convinces Mitchell to let her accompany him to his high school reunion in Auburn, Kansas. Carter and Dr. Bill Lee are at a scientific conference, presenting the "new" technologies of the Chimera holographic projector (revealed in "Covenant") and a "busted" X-699 plasma cannon. Daniel, meanwhile, is in a library conducting research when he encounters an attractive young woman who offers to help him with his searches, but he declines.

Two alien bounty hunters are shown on board a Tel'tak scout ship, when suddenly the whole ship rocks, and it is revealed that the ship was shot by staff cannons mounted on another Tel'tak commanded by the Bounty hunter Odai Ventrell. The Tel'tak controlled by two aliens has it's shields drained, and one of the Aliens appear to operate the hyperdrive. Ventrell's Tel'tak manages to destroy the other Tel'tak before it jumps into hyperspace. He then replies to himself: "Sorry boys, but I don't like competition."

Off-world, the Jaffa Cha'ra urges Teal'c to take a position on the Jaffa High Council. They are suddenly attacked by unseen bounty hunters and Teal'c is grazed by an energy blast. Teal'c urges Cha'ra to put out word that he was gravely injured in order to lure the attackers into a trap.

Vala and Mitchell sit with his parents, and Vala misleads them into thinking she and Cameron are dating. While setting up for the reunion, Mitchell reunites with Amy Vanderburg, "the one who got away". Vala is introduced to Mitchell's old friend Darrell Grimes. Elsewhere, Daniel again encounters the strange young woman, who now asks him if he would like to go somewhere to be alone with her. Daniel declines and the woman pulls out a Goa'uld Za'tarc weapon. Daniel runs while she shoots repeatedly. Daniel exits the museum, but the woman teleports in behind him and tells him to stop or she'll kill a woman walking down the sidewalk with her baby and points her weapon at them. Daniel surrenders, but just then his pursuer is hit by a bus.

Carter, at the conference, receives a call from Major General Henry Landry about the incident. Landry, believing this to be an isolated incident, tells her not to worry and to stay at the conference. Mitchell's cell phone has no service and he is unable to hear Landry's message.


The X-699 on display

Carter walks onto the stage to deliver her presentation and is shot by a sniper. The shot, however, passes directly through her—it was a holographic projection, and the real Carter is backstage. Sam shuts off the device, and with Lee's help fixes the X-699. Carter walks onto the stage with the gun and shoots the sniper. The audience, believing this to be part of the presentation, applauds.

Back in the Jaffa Encampment, a cloaked stranger enters the tent where Teal'c is being treated. He pulls out a knife, but is shot with a Zat'nik'tel by Teal'c. Cha'ra and his men come back, astounded that the would-be assassin was Jaffa. Teal'c is not convinced. With one finger, he wipes the assassin's "tattoo" off his forehead.

Mitchell receives another call from Landry but cannot hear anything intelligible. Two bounty hunters follow him in his search for a hard-line. One is using a mimic device. The other, Ventrell, leads the first bounty hunter into a closet and kills him, then continues to follow Mitchell.

Meanwhile, Darrell offers Vala some liquor and takes her into an auditorium where they sit as Darrell attempts to woo her. Vala stops him, telling him that she is married.

Mitchell calls Landry, but finds himself held at gunpoint. Ventrell takes the phone and, using a device to mimic Mitchell's voice, tells General Landry to send backup. He then tells Mitchell that he intends to get all of SG-1 at once.

Vala, coming back from the auditorium with Darrell, recognizes Ventrell and assumes he is after her, when in truth he doesn't even know she is there. Mitchell, dancing with Amy, asks her to slap him and leave the auditorium, but Darrell distracts the bounty hunter so Vala can throw a fire extinguisher at him.

The bounty hunter pulls out a gun and fires once into the air. The crowd panics and tries to get out, but the bounty hunter has magnetically sealed the door. He threatens to shoot Amy or Darrell, but calms down upon hearing Carter saying that SG-1 will surrender as soon as the hostages are released. The bounty hunter tells Sam that the hostages will be released, but SG-1 has to come in first. Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel beam in unarmed. The bounty hunter herds SG-1 into the center of the dance floor. Rings break through the ceiling of the gym and they are all ringed aboard a transport ship sitting on top of the gym.

Ventrell is surprised to find himself held at gunpoint in his own ship. Carter explains that they found the ship, and then used the holographic projection technology to create the illusion that they had beamed into the gym. Ventrell tells SG-1 that stopping him will not stop the bounty hunters. Mitchell replies that Netan's followers will see this incident as yet another failure on Netan's part.

Later, on Netan's flagship, an intruder dispatches Netan's guards and enters his quarters, but is shot by Ventrell. Netan tells Ventrell he will be richly rewarded. Ventrell points his gun at Netan and says that he will be, but not for saving him.

Back in Kansas at the Mitchell family farm, Amy and Mitchell set things straight and share a kiss, before being interrupted by Vala. Amy agrees to visit Colorado Springs, sometime soon.


Al'kesh; Asgard; Auburn; Auburn High School; Binder prize; Bounty hunter; Bra'tac; Chimera; Colorado Springs; Dating; Deep-space radar telemetry; The Dukes of Hazzard; F-302 fighter-interceptor; Fierenze; Goa'uld; Jaffa Encampment; Jaffa High Council; Kansas; Kassa; Kassa transport train; Lucian Alliance; Maui; Moonshine; Naquadah generator; Odai Ventrell's Tel'tak; Odyssey; Pie; Popcorn; Rolan; Scooby-Doo; Sex; Tel'tak; Ted; Texas; Tomin; Topeka; Ventrell's wrist device; Voice mimic device; X-699; Za'tarc ring

Notable QuotesEditar

Mitchell: Intel looks good.  We've got ourselves a space train full of evil Orville Redenbacher.

Vala: I can't wait to meet your parents.
Mitchell: Yeah, just don't embarrass me.
Vala: I would never embarrass you.

Landry: Sounds like you two are having a hell of a time.
Mitchell: Oh yeah. Me and Daisy, we're livin' large.

Wendy Mitchell: Here's some extra towels. The spare bedroom's all made up.
Cameron Mitchell: Alright, great. Where do you want me to sleep?
Wendy: Well I thought that you two would... you know...
Mitchell: (laughs awkwardly) No, ma, that's okay.
Wendy: It's all right, dear. I'm not as old-fashioned as you think.
Mitchell: What?
Wendy: You know, I think Cam sometimes finds it convenient to forget that I grew up in the sixties. I could tell you some stories.
Mitchell: No, Mom, no! No, mother. Please, now, no! We don't want to hear your stories!
Vala: I do!
Mitchell: No!
Wendy: We'll talk later.
Vala: Okay! (to Mitchell) I like your mother.

Jackie: Cameron? Hey, welcome back!
Mitchell: Jackie, hey!
Jackie: (to Vala) And…Vay-la?
Vala: Vala.
Jackie: Vala. Now, I can’t remember, did you go to GW?
Vala: Oh, I didn’t attend school, as much as I was sold as a domestic servant to a weapons smuggler named Firenze. After I killed him and won my freedom I considered my education more or less complete.
Jackie: (bewildered) …Well, it was sure nice to meet you. (turns away with a horrified look)

Amy: Where's your date?
Mitchell: My date? Vala is over there plotting my death with Gary Walesco.

Vala: I'm married.
Darrell: Oh, you're kidding.
Vala: It's something I don't like to talk about much. He's a religious zealot bent on total domination of every human being in this galaxy.
Darrell: So you're separated?

Jackson: (to Ventrell) And you might have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for us meddling kids.

Mitchell: She's a nice girl. I like her.
Vala: Nice. She's a cure for insomnia.


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  • During the first attack on Teal'c, Teal'c fires from a closed Staff weapon. Immediately afterward, however, when the camera changes, the staff weapon is open.
  • When Daniel first meets the bounty hunter in the bookshelves, he should have noticed the Goa'uld ring weapon on the hunters hand.
  • When Vala and Darrel are shooting cans, the last shot Vala takes can be heard a fraction before the hammer is seen firing.


In other languagesEditar

  • French: Morts ou Vifs (Dead or Alive)
  • Italian: Cacciatori di Taglie (Bounty Hunters)
  • Spanish: La Recompensa (The Reward)
  • Czech: Odměna (Reward)
  • German: Der Kopfgeldjäger (The Bounty Hunter)

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