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Este episodio es parte 1 o 2; y es seguido por "Héroes, Parte 2".

"Héroes, Parte 1" es el decimoséptimo episodio de la séptima temporada de Stargate SG-1.

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Towards the end of his term, the President of the United States sends a film crew to document the life of SGC personnel in case the public gets news of the Stargate Program's existence.


It is revealed to the viewer that the President of the United States, nearing the end of his time in office, has grown concerned over how the public will react if the Stargate program becomes public knowledge after he leaves office. Hoping that he will be able to put a positive spin on his association with the program, he has commissioned a reporter to create a documentary on the people within Stargate Command and their activities. However, few key SGC members demonstrate willingness to participate in the documentary and the reporter seems to irritate the members of SG-1, and occasionally rants about censorship. (While he has been given complete access to all past mission reports, current activities of the SGC are off-limits since The Pentagon has yet to review and certify them safe for public viewing.) While Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson do participate in the interviews (unlike Teal'c, who simply stares silently at the camera, and Colonel Jack O'Neill, who goes to great pains to avoid the reporter completely), it is only Dr. Janet Fraiser who seems willing to tolerate the reporter's presence (including his rather clumsy attempts to make a pass at her).

Meanwhile, on a distant planet being explored by SG-13, a Goa'uld Reconnaissance probe (possibly inspired by the MALP) stumbles across the human exploration team and, after a brief firefight, is successfully disabled. Deeming the world to be safe, at least for the immediate future, the SGC allows SG-13 to continue to study the ruins they had found. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the SGC, the probe had dispatched a sub-space signal before it was destroyed, and a Goa'uld strike force appears soon afterwards to engage the explorers. With one team member wounded by a Jaffa staff blast and unable to move, the SGC is forced to send SG teams 1, 5, and 7 as reinforcements to hold off the Jaffa until Dr. Fraiser can stabilize the wounded airman.



Ancients; Ancient contagion; Cake; Camcorder; Cheyenne Mountain; Colt M203 grenade launcher; Department of Defense; Dial Home Device; Egypt; Goa'uld; Gulf War; Hathor; Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle; Hypothermia; Ice cream; Iris; Kanan; Kevlar; Catherine Langford; MALP; Nanite; Naquadah; Normandy; P2X-787; P3X-298; P3X-666; Palm scanner; The Pentagon; President of the United States; Prometheus; Reconnaissance probe; Red phone; SG-3; SG-5; SG-7; SG-13; Staff weapon; Stargate Command infirmary; Stargate documentary; Mary Steenburgen; Survivor; Tibet; Tok'ra; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Vest insert; Virus Orb; World War II

Notable QuotesEditar

Bregman: Is that Colonel O'Neill? (he catches up with him)
O'Neill: I like vanilla over chocolate. My favorite color is peridot. I think Tibet should be free and if I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be Mary Steenburgen.
Bregman: No, if I could— Mary Steenburgen?

(After the camera crew chases Daniel down a hallway)
Emmett: What is the significance of that?
Jackson: It's fascinating.
Emmett: (after reading the fax) Okay, back up, back up. That's it? It's fascinating? Why were you running?
Jackson: Oh... I-I just wanted to see if you'd chase me.

Balinsky: (after SG-13 discovers Ancient built ruins) This place was built by the Ancients.
Dixon: You sure?
Balinsky: Yes. These markings and this stone architecture... Dr Jackson is going to die when he sees this.
Dixon: What, again?
Balinsky: Funny.

Carter: Sir. Did you do your interview yet?
O'Neill: (drinks coffee )Yeah.
Carter: Mary Steenburgen?
O'Neill: She's so hot. Carter can you tell me the reason for this documentary again?
Carter: Didn't you read your memo? Officially, it's for the 1000th trip through the Stargate, but I think there is more to it than that.
O'Neill: One thousand you say...
Carter: I know, hard to believe we've been at it this long.
O'Neill: There should be a cake.

Carter: So you do your interview with the documentary crew yet?
Teal'c: Indeed.
Carter: You know, I have to admit, I can't wait to hear what everyone else said.
Teal'c: I did not say much.
Carter: Really? That is surprising. It's usually so hard to shut you up.

Emmett: Colonel. Colonel. We're all set up for you right here.
O'Neill: (quickly passing through the hall) Briefing.
Bregman: Colonel. Colonel. (shouts) Colonel! You know, I'm gonna get you on camera sooner or later. Even if all I get is a series of shots of you avoiding being got.
O'Neill: (stops and goes back to Bregman) Fire away! I hope shots of my ass serve you well. (then leaves)


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  • At the end, when they are being attacked, Colonel David Dixon uses his radio to ask for assistance from SG-9. But earlier when talking to Major General George S. Hammond, the General said he was sending SG-3 as backup.
  • CMSgt. Walter Harriman's nametag still reads "Norman Davis," even though his name was established as Walter in the season 4 episode, "2010."
  • When SG-13 are sitting around a half detroyed column and the archeological expert runs back to them yelling "incoming", the column appears to wobble when the team stand up.



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  • French: Héros (1ère partie) (Heroes (part 1))
  • Italian: Eroi (Parte 1) (Heroes (part 1))
  • Spanish: Héroes (Parte 1) (Heroes (part 1))
  • Czech: Hrdinové (1. část) (Heroes (part 1))
  • German: Helden, Teil 1 (Heroes, Part 1)
  • Hungarian: Hősök (1. rész) (Heroes (part 1))

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