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"Icon" is the fifth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


Dr. Daniel Jackson is declared MIA after he was in the middle of a World War on Tegalus, which the rebels have won. Jackson cannot reach home, as the rebels have taken control of the planet's Stargate, and he must rely on a small band of soldiers led by Jared Kane from the planet's military to take back the city and defeat the rebel leader, Soren.


Dr. Daniel Jackson wakes up, badly injured on an alien planet being tended to by an attractive woman. She tells him that he is safe here, but all Daniel can think about is the horrible event that his team started three months ago.

In a museum, a group of tourists witness 'The Great Ring of Avidan' (the Stargate) activate. A MALP comes through the event horizon and examines the people gathered there. Later, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Teal'c and Daniel appear through the gate and meet with Commander Gareth and his chief aide, Jared Kane. Gareth welcomes the group from another world, but admits the activation of the gate has created a 'stir' in the fanatics who believe their world was once ruled by all powerful Gods.

One month later, Daniel reports that he has failed to broker a truce between the planet's nations after the activation of the Stargate puts the countries on edge. Daniel tells Brigadier General Jack O'Neill that the Caledonian Federation and the Rand Protectorate have enough weapons to wipe each other out, but there is a third faction vying for power. A fanatical group led by a man called Soren believes that their planet was once ruled by powerful Gods that will one day return and reward the faithful, the activation of the Gate has given the group the necessary evidence they need to prove to everyone they were right. Daniel believes their numbers will increase and revolt unless something can be done. He convinces O’Neill to let him return through the Stargate to the planet.

Another two weeks pass, and Daniel is still unable to calm the Caledonians down. To make matters worse, Soren has gathered his followers and is leading them in an uprising against the Rand government. Gareth is forced to go to the highest military alert status as his forces 'pacify' areas of rebellion. Seeing much of what has been going on, the Caledonians have also increased their alertness and are threatening to destroy key Rand military assets before they fall into the hands of Soren's fanatics. Minister Treydan of the Caledonians promises that if Rand cannot deal with the situation, they will consider it an act of war.

Soon after, rebel forces attack and capture a Rand missile facility and use it to attack Caledonia. Jared Kane informs Commander Gareth that their facility has now been compromised and that they must leave. Kane attempts to escort Daniel to the gate before it is captured but he is wounded. Jackson and Kane manage to escape, but Gareth is captured and executed soon after.

When the smoke clears, both nations are left in ruins with Soren in control of the Rand Protectorate and the Stargate leaving Daniel stuck behind enemy lines.

Now recovering from his injuries, Daniel uses a radio to try to contact Stargate Command. He still blames himself for the destruction on the planet but Leda Kane, the woman that treated his injuries, insists that it was better that they activated the Stargate rather than the Goa'uld. She explains that there has been mounting tensions between Rand and Caledonia for decades and that SG-1's arrival was merely a catalyst, the conflict would have happened sooner or later. Kane returns to the safe house in the country and delivers the latest news to Daniel - those who don't follow Soren are executed immediately.

Meanwhile, Stargate Command is still trying to contact Daniel Jackson. SG-9 attempt to negotiate for access to the planet to look for him, but Soren believes that it will cause more civil unrest. O’Neill invites him to the SGC where they attempt to trade for access to Daniel by offering medical aide to Tegulas' people. Soren, however, is only interested in weapons technology - they discover he also wants to take over Caledonia. As he leaves having accomplished nothing, Carter makes contact with Daniel who proposes a coordinated attack on Soren's bunker by slipping key phrases in Goa'uld into regular speech with the SGC so as to avoid detection by the rebels. Carter and Teal'c piece the plan together and have it approved by General O’Neill.

Daniel discusses the plans with Kane who, after a little convincing, agrees to the attack moments before Kane and his men are forced to hide from one of Soren's patrols. The patrol interrogates Leda who pretends to be a simple follower of Soren's movement to distract them from looking. Shortly after the patrol leaves, Kane, Daniel and the rest of the men march on the city's bunker complex.

The two attacking teams meet up outside the main control room and orders Soren to surrender. When one of Soren's lieutenants tries to dissuade him from engaging the Loyalists, he shoots her and orders the others to fight. When they all refuse, he goes to fight alone. Carter orders him to throw down his weapon and just as he is about to do so, Kane shoots and kills him.

As they stand over the body, Daniel warns Kane that he may just have made a martyr out of Soren, but he vows to keep his promise of aid.


Avidan; Caledonian Federation; Cold War; Coup d'etat; Goa'uld; Goa'uld language; Kirellian wastelands; MALP; Martial law; Rand Protectorate; Religion; SG-3; SG-6; SG-9; SG-12; Tegalan; Tegalus; Treydan; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Notable QuotesEditar

Tour Guide: First discovered in the Trillium wastelands over 150 years ago and the highlight of our antiquities collection. The Great Ring of Abydon. Researchers estimate the ring to be at least several thousand years old. And while its origin remains a subject of debate, many believe it was created by ancient worshippers to honor their gods. It's thought that the peculiar symbols on the ring itself represent the names of the gods. However no one has been able to decipher—

Carter: Sorry about scaring the tourists. We've made contact with a lot of planets but this is the first time we've found ourselves coming out of a museum piece.
Gareth: One of our artifacts suddenly coming to life was a little surprising but that pales in comparison to its purpose.

O'Neill: Daniel, we're always sticking our collective noses where they don't belong. It's what we do.

Teal'c: You do not represent the people of your world. You merely kill those who believe differently and would stand against you.
Soren: You speak what is on your mind. I admire that.
O'Neill: Actually in your case? He's holdin' back.

Soren: I can assure you, our faith is unshakeable.
Teal'c: This is not about faith. This is about a means to power.


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  • SG-1 would return to Tegalus in the Season Nine episode "Ethon", in an attempt to rescue the planet's inhabitants from the Ori.
  • The house where the rebels are hiding seems to be the same as the one from "The Gamekeeper" - the house where Captain Jack O'Neill had a failed undercover mission in East Germany in 1982.
  • The door through which Dr. Daniel Jackson and Jared Kane escape seems to be the same as the one in Stargate Command.
  • "Caledonia" is the ancient Roman name for Scotland.
  • Soren and his delegation use a similar armband idea that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis used, and the Rand Protectorate uniforms are heavily inspired by WWII Germany officer's uniforms.
  • The pistol that Soren used to kill one of his followers is the same pistol used by the Genii in Stargate: Atlantis.
  • The better part of half a year passes in this episode from first contact, the point three months later Daniel awakes bedridden, his full recovery from injury and time spent trying to make contact with the SGC before eventual rescue.
  • Stargate SG-1 has always had a theme that O'Neill later coined as, "Every time we step through the gate we're sticking our collective noses where they don't belong." This quote was repeated by O'Neill and later by his successors both Major General Henry Landry and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell many times. While many previous episodes played with the idea, this one takes the concept to its extreme. Ever since "Icon", Tegalus has been used by every major character on the show at least once or twice as a precautionary tale or as part of a dialog of interference vs. non-interference.
  • Although the Rand Protectorate has a different alphabet than that of Earth's English, the tour guide's name tag is clearly written in our alphabet, as well as an exit sign visible when Daniel and Kane escape.
  • The Tegalus' primary small arms weapons were, in fact, KAR98k Mausers, M1-Garands, and AK-47's, with a few other WWII era weapons thrown in.
  • Matthew Bennett (Jared Kane) previously played Ted in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Point of No Return." He is famous for his role as Aaron Doral, Cylon Model Five, on Battlestar Galactica.

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In other languagesEditar

  • French: Le Feu aux Poudres (Fire to the Powder) (The complete French saying, "mettre le feu aux poudres" means "to spark off the crisis" and can be similar to "it's the straw that broke the camel's back")
  • Italian: La Promessa (The Promise)
  • Spanish: Icono (Icon)
  • Czech: Ve jménu víry (In the Name of Faith)
  • German: Soren (Soren)
  • Hungarian: Ikon (Icon)

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