Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-3 "Fair Game" is the third episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


Just after Samantha Carter receives a promotion to Major, Colonel Jack O'Neill is beamed out of the middle of the ceremony and aboard a ship belonging to Thor of the Asgard. Thor tells him that he will host a negotiation between the Tau'ri and System Lords Cronus, Nirrti and Yu. However, one of them does not wish to negotiate.


At Stargate Command, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Arthur Simms, visits and gives a speech during a gathering in the gate room. During this event, Captain Samantha Carter, for her valiant actions in defeating Hathor is promoted to the rank of Major. However, when Colonel Jack O'Neill wants to speak, he is suddenly transported away, much to everyone's shock. Jack finds himself aboard an Asgard ship where he is greeted by Thor. Thor wastes no time in telling him that the Goa'uld System Lords plan an attack on Earth due to the killing of Hathor even though she tried to overthrow the System Lords. The System Lords will send a fleet far more powerful than the one SG-1 faced at the hands of Apophis. The majority of the Asgard fleet is busy. However, Thor offers Earth a membership in the Asgard's Protected Planets Treaty as an alternative to destruction.

Back at SGC, SG-1 talks with Major General George S. Hammond about the offer, when Thor appears and says that the System Lords will appear soon to negotiate and that O'Neill will represent Earth. Later, Dr. Daniel Jackson informs the people at SGC about the three System Lords who will be appearing on behalf of the System Lords: Cronus, Yu, and Nirrti. Cronus was the Goa'uld who banished Sokar. Yu was based on one of China's greatest emperors. Yu is most willing for Earth to join the Protected Planets, because his territories are located on the far side of the Goa'uld Empire and thus Earth's survival would destabilize his enemies with little adverse affect on himself. Nirrti was an Indian god of destruction and death and also the Go'a'uld who destroyed Cassandra Fraiser's planet Hanka. The SGC takes immediate actions to follow the rules of the meeting as given them by the Asgard, which includes the removal of every weapon from the premises.

Finally, the Goa'uld arrive and are quickly ushered away as Cronus seems to resentfully regard Teal'c. Daniel learns from Teal'c that his father, Ronac, was Cronus' First Prime and Cronus his executioner. Cronus sent his father to fight against a System Lord much more powerful than himself and when his father came back defeated, Cronus killed him, and Teal'c and his mother fled to Chulak. Teal'c then vowed to become Apophis' First Prime seeing as Apophis and Cronus are mortal enemies. The negotiations soon begin but O'Neill offends the visitors before the meeting even starts by talking without recognition, effectively ending it. Thor explains that he spoke out of term and the System Lords don't like each other which is the reason they didn't help Apophis. Jack and Daniel later talk with Thor, asking him why the Asgard haven't taken the Goa'uld out. Thor tells them that the Asgard are not proud of the situation, but reveals to them that the Asgard have to constantly bluff their power with the Goa'uld because a much greater threat is at the forefront of their galaxy. Banished System Lords like Sokar, will be thrown back if he is to attack Earth.

O'Neill informs SG-1 of the situation and negotiations continue, after an apology is sent for any previous "misdemeanors." Finally, the Goa'uld agree to the Asgard offer, yet demand a high price from Earth, immediate and unconditional surrender of the two Earth Stargates which would end the SGC and destroy any potential for future acquisition of advanced alien technology. Therefore, the Tau'ri would cease to be a threat to the Goa'uld. After talking it over with SG-1 and Hammond, O'Neill asks Thor for his advice but he is unable to help him. Regretfully, the United States Secretary of Defense informs them that Earth agrees to the demands of the Goa'uld arguing that the Stargates would be of no use if Earth was gone. Daniel goes to relay this to the System Lords when he hears an alarm and discovers both Cronus and Teal'c badly wounded. Upon the sight, it's assumed Teal'c would be the main suspect for attack considering his family's unfriendly connection with Cronus.

Dr. Janet Fraiser diagnoses that Cronus is mortally wounded. SG-1 enlists the aid of Nirrti to use a Goa'uld healing device (the one device Carter is able to leave at the base as seen earlier in the episode) yet she claims he is beyond her help. Thor tells O'Neill he must depart from Earth, leaving the negotiations in the hands of the Tau'ri.

Teal'c later wakes up and recalls that he and Cronus were attacked by an invisible force, however it was no Reetou, which is the first suspect. Putting that aside however, Sam herself is able to use the healing device on Cronus again and heals his abrasions which suddenly causes a guilty Nirrti be backed into a corner. They accuse her of lying and developing cloaking technology which throws Yu into a rage, accusing her threatening their relationship with the Asgard and coveting Cronus' territory. He attacks her but she easily cloaks herself, procures a weapon and flees. However, Sam and a few SGC soldiers were able to capture her with Transphase Eradication Rods.

Under the circumstances, both Yu and Cronus agree to allow the continual use of the Stargate. Before the Goa'uld leave (with Nirrti now a prisoner of Cronus), Cronus informs SGC that he will show no mercy to captured personnel in the future nor will any other System Lord. The episode ends with Thor's ship leaving Earth.


Apophis; Asgard; Asgard communicator; Asgard High Council; Asgard stone; Asgard transporter; Ashrak; Biliskner; Cassandra Fraiser; Major Castleman; China; Chulak; Edrekh; First Prime; Goa'uld; Goa'uld cloaking device; Goa'uld healing device; Greece; Hades; Hanka; Hankan; Hara'kesh; Hathor; Hera; Hindu; India; Jolinar of Malkshur; Junior; Kara kesh; Level 17; Level 25; Passage of Nilor; Poseidon; President of the United States; Protected Planets Treaty; Reetou; Replicator; Ronac; Sarcophagus; SG-7; Shol'va; Sokar; Staff weapon; Stargate Command infirmary; System Lords; Teal'c's mother; Tok'ra; Transphase Eradication Rod; United Nations; Zeus

Notable QuotesEditar

Hammond: Before we finish today, I have one other small bit of business. Please come to attention. "From the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force. In recognition of Captain Samantha Carter's outstanding work I hereby authorize her immediate promotion to the rank of Major."

Thor: Three representatives from the System Lords will arrive by Stargate. You must be prepared to speak on behalf of all the inhabitants of Earth.
O'Neill: Well. Maybe not me, personally.
Thor: We have chosen you, O'Neill, to represent your planet at the proceedings.
O'Neill: Alright, now, see that could be a mistake.

Jackson: And the third representative we're expecting is Yu.
O'Neill: Me?
Jackson: Yu is the name of the Goa'uld.
O'Neill: Ah. Sorry.

Teal'c: I have given my allegiance to you, to the SGC and to the people of this world freely. I will however not see to the petty needs of these Goa'uld.
Jackson: I'll... see to the petty needs of the Goa'uld, sir.

O'Neill: Hello, Nirrti. Hello, Cronus. Hello... Yu.

Daniel: Excuse me, sorry for interrupting. What just happened?
O'Neill: Well, apparently we said hello, insulted each other, and broke for recess.

Thor: I have explained our position. To borrow from a human euphemism, it is not a perfect galaxy.
O'Neill: I'm sorry, I get a little testy when faced with the total annihilation of our little corner of it.

Jackson: Boy, is she gonna get it.
O'Neill: My heart bleeds.


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  • Cronus, Nirrti and Yu make their first appearances. Nirrti was first mentioned in Season One episode "Singularity", in which Teal'c referred to her as "he."
    • This is perhaps probably because Goa'uld have no gender, rather they 'identify' as male or female based on their host. The Goa'uld could have occupied a male host when Teal'c last saw Nirrti.
  • The Replicators are first mentioned (though not by name) in this episode by the Asgard as "an enemy far worse than the Goa'uld." They later appear in the season finale "Nemesis".
  • Yu was identified with Yu the Great in this episode, who founded the Xia Dynasty in 2205 BCE. Yet in "Summit", he is identified with the Jade Emperor, a figure in traditional Chinese mythology. It is never revealed which is correct; however, due to Yu's age and Goa'uld technology, it is possible that he was, in fact, both at different points in history.
  • When the System Lords dial to Earth, the point of origin belongs to Earth.
    • We never see the System Lords off-world. If you're referring to the chevrons activated on the SGC gate when the System Lords are incoming, it's never been established (or even suggested) that those symbols must match the address as dialled off-world.
  • Samantha Carter is promoted to Major in this episode.
  • When Colonel Jack O'Neill is speaking to Secretary of Defense Arthur Simms after the Goa'uld delegates storm out of the conference, he angrily removes his tie. It's a clip-on.
  • When accused that SG-1 was the attacker, O'Neill says that there was one rule they hadn't broken, referring to the 'no weapons are permitted on base during the negotiations', and just then multiple soldiers appear with machine guns aimed at the Goa'ulds. This isn't explained why he had said that if he knew they had weapons.
    • Actually, he said "there's one rule we haven't broken yet" ironically, referring to the fact that he was just about to break the rule (by calling the soldiers in). Sure, those soldiers must have physically kept their weapons the whole time, but it works as a dramatic phrase.


  • When the base is being emptied of weapons for the arrival of the System Lords, the two .50 cal machine guns on either side of the ramp in the Embarkation room are left in place, albeit unmanned. Then in the very next shot, as SG-1 is coming through the door, the .50 cals have disappeared.
  • Thor tells Jack that the System Lords are capable of launching an attack fleet 100 times larger than that which Earth previously withstood at the hands of Apophis, which consisted of two Ha'taks as depicted in "Within the Serpent's Grasp" and "The Serpent's Lair". However, Jack later mentions to Teal'c that the System Lords are planning to send a fleet of 100 motherships to Earth.
    • What the System Lords are capable of and what they will end up doing does not necessarily have to be the same. They can launch a fleet 100 times larger, but may just send 100 ships if that is their choice. Also, "100 times larger" is not an exact number either.

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In other languagesEditar

  • French : Diplomatie (Diplomacy)
  • Italian: Bersaglio Facile (Easy Target)
  • Spanish: La Cumbre (The Summit)
  • Czech: Mírová konference (Peace Conference)
  • Hungarian: Tiszta játék (Fair Game)
  • German: Die Saat des Verrats (The seeds of betrayal)

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