Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-3 "Forever in a Day" is the tenth episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


The Abydonians are kidnapped and sent to P8X-873, which is controlled by Amaunet. As several SG teams rescue the Abydonians, Dr. Daniel Jackson tries to get to Amaunet and save Sha're. However, it does not end the way Jackson wanted.


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SG-1 and SG-3 are rescuing a group of Abydonians, including Kasuf (Dr. Daniel Jackson's father-in-law). Around their prison we see a group of dead Jaffa (presumably killed by SG-1 just before the episode begins). Kasuf reveals that Amaunet (the Goa'uld possessing Sha're) has returned and taken back her son who was being hidden from the Goa'uld by Kasuf. Daniel spots Amaunet standing outside a tent some distance away. As she goes back inside it, the team are attacked by a large number of other Jaffa. While the rest of SG-1 try to fight off the Jaffa, Daniel slips away and follows Amaunet into the tent. He asks her where the boy is, but she refuses to tell him and then attempts to kill him with her Kara kesh. Just as he is about to die Teal'c arrives in the tent.

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The next thing we see is Daniel waking up in a bed in the infirmary back at Stargate Command. At first he can't remember what has happened. It is revealed that Sha're is dead, and that Teal'c killed her in order to save Daniel's life. He refuses to believe that his wife is really dead, but is taken to see her body which was taken back to the base so she could be buried according to Abydonian tradition. Daniel blames himself for not being able to save her, but he also blames Teal'c for acting too soon, even though Daniel had been only moments away from dying.

After falling asleep, Daniel wakes up to find Sha're by his side. He is told that the Tok'ra found a way to heal Sha're and remove the Goa'uld after she was injured by Teal'c's staff weapon. As the rest of the people leave the infirmary, Sha're says that she only came to tell Daniel "about the boy". Before she can continue, Daniel wakes up. It was only a dream, and Sha're is really dead.

After being released from the infirmary, Daniel hands in his resignation to Major General George S. Hammond and begins packing his things. Jack is convinced that he will return to the team before too long, but Daniel claims otherwise. Before leaving, Daniel runs into Teal'c who attempt to apologize, but Daniel refuses to accept his apology.

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As the days go by, Daniel continues having dreams about Sha're. In the dreams, she tells him that he must return to the SGC and continue traveling through the Stargate to find the boy (Sha're's son), who is Harcesis, a human child of two Goa'uld who therefore knows all the secrets of the Goa'uld. She also tells him that he must forgive Teal'c.

Eventually Daniel figures out that the dreams are a message which Sha're sent into Daniel's mind via the hand device while Amaunet was trying to kill him. He goes to speak to Teal'c, who verifies what Sha're has said about the Harcesis and tells him that this form of reproduction is forbidden amongst the Goa'uld. It is punishable by death, and the children are hunted down and killed.

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In the end, Daniel forgives Teal'c and realizes his own importance in the team. He decides to return to the SGC, much to the delight of Colonel Jack O'Neill who highly disliked the person replacing Daniel on the team. While the team is off-world exploring, the Stargate activates and Daniel disappears through it. He returns to the planet when Sha're died. There, he sees her one last time, and she tells him that the boy is hidden on a place called Kheb. He promises that he will find him. Then, as the series of dreams finally ends, we are back in the beginning of the episode. Teal'c shoots Amaunet and Daniel says goodbye to Sha're.


Abydonian; Abydos; Bruce Jenner; Chocolate walnut cookie; DNA; Funeral; Genetic memory; Goa'uld; Harcesis; Heru'ur; Kara kesh; Kheb; M2 Browning; Osiris; P8X-873; Planet (Forever in a Day); Sarcophagus; Setesh; Shifu; Staff weapon; Stargate Command infirmary; System Lords; Tok'ra; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Notable QuotesEditar

Carter: We were on P8X-873. We were freeing the Abydonians whom the Goa'uld had taken as slaves.
O'Neill: Kasuf sent for us.
Jackson: Sha're was there.
Carter: Yeah.
O'Neill: She's dead, Daniel. I'm sorry.
Jackson: How?
Teal'c: It is I who am responsible. I was forced to fire upon and terminate the life of Sha're. Although I assure you, it was done only to save your life.
Jackson: No.
Carter: No?
Jackson: No. They have a sarcophagus. Her guards put her in the sarcophagus. She's out there somewhere alive.

Jackson: You should have waited longer. I would have gotten through to her.
O'Neill: She was trying to kill you, Daniel.
Jackson: No she wasn't trying to kill me. Amonet was trying to kill me.
Teal'c: I have seen many humans killed by Goa'uld ribbon devices. You would have been dead in mere seconds had I not acted.
O'Neill: Teal'c did the right thing, Daniel.
Teal'c: I am sorry Share is dead. However you are my friend. If I had to do it again I would do the same.

Hammond: Is there something I can help you with, Dr. Jackson?
Jackson: Yes sir. I've come to tender my resignation.
Hammond: I won't accept it.
Jackson: I'm not military, sir. And it's a free country. Last I checked anyway.
Hammond: You're obviously in an emotional state right now. You're making rash decisions. Why don't you take some personal time. Then see how you feel.
Jackson: That's not necessary, sir. I joined this program so that I could find my wife. I found her. End of story.

O'Neill: You should meet the whiz kid they saddled us with while you're out of commission.
Jackson: Robert Rothman. He was my research assistant when I was doing my dissertation. Smart guy. Ah, had a good teacher.
O'Neill: Geek.
Jackson: Yes. You used to call me that.
O'Neill: I was talking about you.

Jackson: What happens if two Goa'ulded hosts have a child?
Teal'c: It is strictly forbidden. Punishable by death.
Jackson: Really? Why?
Teal'c: If two hosts were to mate and have a child, that child would contain all the knowledge of the Goa'uld.
Jackson: So the genetic memory that Goa'uld have in their DNA is passed on to the human offspring.
Teal'c: That is correct. Such children are called Harcesis. These children are hunted down and destroyed by the Goa'uld with great impunity.
Jackson: So the offspring—the Harcesis—would contain all the knowledge, all the secrets of the Goa'uld that—
Teal'c: Yes, Daniel.

O'Neill: General, the guy's got two left feet. I'm tellin' ya, he slows down the unit.
Jackson: Deja vu?
O'Neill: (confused) Deja vu?
Jackson: Deja vu? You know, Rothman was a two-time decathlon champion in college.
O'Neill: Rothman?
Hammond: Two left feet, huh?
Jackson: Trying to get Robert out of your unit?
O'Neill: Well, yeah.
Jackson: Any chance of that happening, sir?
Hammond: Only chance would be if you reconsider.
Jackson: Okay.
O'Neill: Good! So Rothman's gone... (pause) What?
Jackson: Okay.
O'Neill: Are you kidding?
Jackson: No. I've given it some thought, and I've decided I'd like to come back.
O'Neill: May I ask what changed your mind? You were fairly adamant.
Jackson: I don't know. Let's just say that there's something through the Stargate that I think I still have to be the one to find.
O'Neill: Now see, I miss that. I have no idea what it means, but I buy it.

O'Neill: So, Bruce Jenner... sit this one out, huh?
Rothman: Uh... me? Why?
O'Neill: You've been reassigned to another unit.
Rothman: Why?
O'Neill: Ok, you're being replaced.
Rothman: Why?
O'Neill: Because I'm intimidated by your intelligence. Where's the confusion here?

(After Teal'c fires his staff weapon at Sha're/Amaunet)
Sha're: I love you Daniel.



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  • According to this episode, Dr. Daniel Jackson's birthday is July 8, and he likes Chocolate walnut cookies.
  • The oatmeal sweater Jackson wears when he returns to the SGC is the same one he appears in as an ascended being during Season Six.
  • Sha're is killed in this episode, concluding the search begun in the series pilot, "Children of the Gods". After her death, the Harcesis child becomes the new focus for the members of the SG-1.
  • In this episode, Teal'c calls Daniel by just his first name, as opposed to calling him 'Daniel Jackson'. It is not known if this was a mistake or done intentionally to indicate what was taking place was not real.  This is one of only two times in the entire series that Teal'c refers to him this way.
  • When Sha're is pulled away from Jackson before she can tell him the location of the child at several points during the episode it appears very similar to when the ascended Ancients stop an ascended being from interfering in mortal events. (see "Full Circle" & "The Pegasus Project")
  • During Sha're's "burial" Jackson performs a ritual where he places a feather on scale to weigh it against her heart. This is akin to ancient Egyptian mythology where a persons heart would be weighed against a feather at the end of a persons journey through the underworld. 
  • Daniel Jackon gains information regarding an additional side effect of the Goa'uld Ribbon Device from the Samantha Carter imaginary character whilst in a dream sequence. It is not shown or discussed regarding the validity of this information since everyone in that dream sequence would be a figment of both Daniel Jackon's and Sha're's imagination. Therefore the only possible sources of that information is Daniel Jackson himself and Sha're. Since the only visible part Amaunet takes in these dream sequences are to pull Sha're out of them to prevent her communicating to Daniel Jackson, so it is doubtful this information could have come from her.


  • In the beginning when Sha're (under the control of Amaunet) starts to attack Dr. Daniel Jackson with the Ribbon device, as she lifts her hand, the sound effect could be heard before the light came on and it actually started hurting Jackson.
  • Near the end when Daniel returns to SG-1 the speaker says "chevron one encoded" two chevrons are actually encoded.



  • Nominated Leo for "Best Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series" (Michael Shanks)

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In other languagesEditar

  • French: Le Jour sans Fin (The Neverending Day)
  • Italian: Per Sempre in un Giorno (Forever in a Day)
  • Spanish: La Eternidad en un Día (Forever in a Day)
  • Czech: Rozloučení navždy (The Forever Goodbye)
  • German: Sha'res Tod (Death of Sha're)
  • Hungarian: Egy örökké tartó nap (A Neverending Day)

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