"Talion" is the seventeenth episode of the tenth season of Stargate SG-1.


The Illac Renin, a rogue faction of Jaffa who embrace Origin, has detonated several bombs on Dar Eshkalon, a new Jaffa stronghold. After recovering, and seeing Bra'tac gravely injured, Teal'c knows the Jaffa who is responsible, Arkad, and plans his revenge.

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Representatives of the Jaffa, including Teal'c and Bra'tac, meet in a rare summit on Dar Eshkalon to determine the future of their people in the face of the Ori threat. But their enemies are many, and a terrorist attack on the summit leaves many dead, including women and children.

Bra'tac is seriously injured and taken to Stargate Command, where Dr. Carolyn Lam cares for him. Teal'c ignores his team's entreaties and departs on a one-man quest for revenge, having reason to believe that the man responsible for the cowardly bombing is one of his former foes, a ferocious and extremely capable warrior named Arkad. He is a charismatic leader opposed the summit, and wishes to lead the Jaffa people himself -- and he is a follower of Origin.

Teal'c's search leads him to an alien bar, where the sympathetic owner points him to a customer named Lizan. A human, Lizan's people were once enslaved at the hands of the Jaffa and he doesn't mind seeing them now killing one another. But Teal'c will do whatever it takes to find a lead on Arkad.

But the stakes get even higher: SG-1 learns that Arkad may be stockpiling weapons-grade Naquadah for an attack on Earth. This is revealed from intelligence gathered from rebel Jaffa on an Ori controlled planet who are aware that Arkad has been stockpiling Naquadah for his masters claiming that he will control and bring more Jaffa worlds into Ori control.

The enraged Teal'c is taking no prisoners, and his hunt leads him to Bak'al, a Jaffa terrorist working for Arkad. Bak'al does not fear death, because he believes the Ori will ascend him. But Teal'c is not here to argue religion or to watch Bak'al endure torture: he wants answers, and he has removed Bak'al's symbiote and replaced it with a bomb. Bak'al states that he is willing to die as the Ori will ascend him. Teal'c leaves the Jaffa who soon after explodes.

Bra'tac has regained consciousness at this point and speaks to Dr. Daniel Jackson about the warrior known as Arkad. He states that he was formerly one of Bra'tac's pupils and even then he felt that there was 'something wrong' with him. The two would next meet in battle as Arkad became First Prime to another Goa'uld, whose name is not specified. Bra'tac states that Teal'c and Arkad met many times in battle with Arkad always being beaten yet always managing to escape. Bra'tac explains that Arkad is like a serpent and is always lying and is dishonourable. He also explains to Daniel that this battle between Teal'c and Arkad is also a personal one as many years ago Teal'c's mother was found dead, after Teal'c has become First Prime to Apophis which was to be a momentous occasion. Teal'c has suspected it was Arkad's doing but was unable to do anything about the matter.

Arkad dials into the SGC, claiming that he can help prevent an attack on Earth. He stated that he was the leader of the Illac Renin, a cult of Jaffa who follow the teachings of Origin. In a meeting with SG-1 and Major General Henry Landry, Arkad reveals that he 'has a fleet that is tenfold bigger than any before marshaled by the Goa'uld'. And that he was attempting to stop radical groups of Jaffa from striking Earth, on the condition that the Tau'ri remove themselves from Jaffa politics claiming that he desired the freedom of choice for his people and if they wish to follow the path the Ori show them then so be it. The International Oversight Advisory takes his claims very seriously and task SG-1 with hunting down and stopping Teal'c as the death of Arkad by Teal'c's hands might appear as though the Tau'ri had commissioned the act. Landry dispatches SG-1 on the Odyssey to Arkad's planet.

SG-1 and SG-3 are dispatched to the Illac Renin's planet where they place a trap for Teal'c. However, two members of SG-3 are defeated before Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell finds them. Teal'c then throws a stun grenade before Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Vala Mal Doran and Daniel which renders them unconscious before Mitchell finds and apprehends him. Teal'c overpowers Mitchell and continues on to Arkad's base.

Teal'c then wages his battle against the Illac Renin and manages to kill many of them before he is taken down. He is brought before Arkad who gives him a fighting staff and the two engage in combat. He reveals some of his history at this point on how he admired Teal'c even when the former First Prime of Apophis had killed his family in order to kill his enemy Co'rak on Arkad's homeworld. He also states the truth on how he deceived the Tau'ri and has plans on leading an attacking against them. Teal'c, wounded, puts little resistance before Arkad grabs a sword and stabs Teal'c, who was on the floor. At this point in time, Arkad reveals that he killed Teal'c's mother. Angered, Teal'c pushes Arkad back onto an assortment of bladed items and pulls the sword out from his body. He then spears Arkad with the blade which kills him once and for all.

Teal'c is returned to the SGC to its medical facility, where Bra'tac is now recovered, and speaks to Teal'c in a joking manner at how, when he was younger, Teal'c would not be as badly injured. Teal'c remarks that he is alive and Arkad is dead. Bra'tac states that there are many more corrupt Jaffa as he and that they would hunt them down, together. Bra'tac remarks that Teal'c was the son he never had. Teal'c also explains that he had killed the assassin that killed his mother and it was not Arkad as Arkad was too 'cowardly' to do the task himself but still, Arkad had claimed responsibility for the act.

Landry remarks on the briefing by Mitchell and states that the death of Arkad will be something 'hard to swallow' by the IOA.


Ancient language; Antarctica; Antarctic outpost; Apophis; Arkad's World; Baker; Co'rak; Dakara; Dar Eshkalon; First Prime; Free Jaffa Nation; Goa'uld; Illac Renin; International Oversight Advisory; Jaffa Burial Sticks; Jaffa High Council; Jaffa Summit; Lizan's planet; Naquadah; Odyssey; Ori; Origin; P8T-365; Par'non; SG-3; SG-22; Stargate Command infirmary; Symbiote pouch; Sword; Teal'c's mother; Tel'tak; Tretonin; Zat'nik'tel

Notable QuotesEditar

Landry: I already issued a new memo to all teams to consider the investigation a top priority.
Mitchell: I don't think a memo's going to cut it as far as Teal'c's concerned, sir.
Landry: I take it you tried to talk him out of leaving.
Mitchell: Yes sir. Like sticking my foot out to trip a freight train. I can't say that I blame him, sir.
Landry: I don't either. He's here of his own free will. He can leave if he wants to.

Lizan: Don't expect me to shed a tear for you and your kind. I don't care what you and your friends from the Tau'ri have done. You Jaffa enslaved my people for generations. And don't tell me you were only following orders for your masters. You lived like kings compared to us. And don't think I will soon forget.

Teal'c: [...] I have implanted an explosive device within your symbiote pouch. It is set to detonate within a matter of moments. It is the same explosive that you used to kill twelve warriors, eighteen innocent bystanders, and two children who had gathered for a peaceful summit.
Bak'al: They were sinners all, who chose the path of evil.
(Teal'c walks away)
Teal'c: Ten seconds.
Bak'al: Where are you going?
Teal'c: I am leaving. You are about to explode.

Mitchell: Teal'c, I know you're out there buddy. If you can hear me, I don't know what you think's going on here but we're here to help. (he's suddenly fired upon) Okay! that was a lie!

Bra'tac: I would not like to be the one who opposes you.
Teal'c: I have learned from the best, old friend.
Bra'tac: I have not said this to you before and I should have. You are the son I never had. I could not be more proud.


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  • Bak'al's lack of a Jaffa mark was a gaffe, in an earlier draft of the script Bak'al was impersonating a Jaffa and the change in back-story was not communicated to makeup and not noticed by the production crew during filming according to the episodes DVD commentary.
  • Teal'c is shot in the left arm, but when he was in the infirmary recovering, he had a bandage on his right arm.
  • It is stated that a cloaked cargo ship can't be detected yet SG-1 found Odai Ventrell's Tel'tak in "Bounty" when it was cloaked.

In other languagesEditar

  • French: La Loi du Talion (The Law of Retaliation)
  • Italian: Una Vendetta Personale (A Personal Revenge)
  • Spanish: El Castigo (The Punishment)
  • Czech: Odveta (Revenge)
  • German: Rache muss sein (Revenge has to be)

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