"Arthur's Mantle" is the eighteenth episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter are "out of phase", after activating Arthur's Mantle, and may be stuck that way forever. Soon, Dr. Daniel Jackson finds himself sharing their fate. Meanwhile, Teal'c and a team arrive on the Sodan home planet, and find that Volnek has been ravaged by a Prior, killing them all. Furthermore, the team are trapped.

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Previously on Stargate SG-1Editar

Vala Mal Doran comes to Stargate Command with a tablet written by the Ancient Merlin. The tablet leads to a cave under Glastonbury Tor where SG-1 finds many artifacts. After a fight with the Sodan warrior Volnek, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is captured and trained by his brother Jolan. When Mitchell returns to Earth, he releases Volnek who promises they will meet again.


Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter has been trying for weeks to find a way to access an Ancient device found in Merlin's cave in "Avalon", so far without success. Just as Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell joins her to offer some breakfast, she manages to access the device, shifting them both into an alternate dimension. After their attempt to contact Dr. Daniel Jackson fails (they expected him to have the ability to see them, as he had experienced something very similar in a previous episode - "Crystal Skull"), they wait for the base personnel to detect them. Meanwhile, the SGC learns that the Sodan homeworld has been attacked and, as Mitchell is missing, Teal'c takes SG-12 to find out what happened.

On the base, Daniel finds out, by comparing security camera footage, that the device must be responsible for his colleagues' disappearance. At first Dr. Bill Lee believes they have been miniaturized, but that theory is quickly abandoned. Daniel is reminded of the device that shifted him years ago when he hears that this device emits lepton radiation as well. He goes to study the manuscripts from Merlin's cave and discovers that Mitchell and Carter have been shifted much as he was. However, the device exists in both dimensions, so they begin to communicate by pressing buttons on the device.

Archivo:Undead Volnek.JPG

Meanwhile, on the Sodan homeworld, Teal'c learns that Volnek, a Jaffa nearly mortally wounded by Mitchell in an earlier episode, has been driven mad by a Prior and recently killed all villagers except for the chief, Haikon, who is badly wounded. He survives when a member of Teal'c's squad administers Tretonin to compensate for the death of his symbiote (Volnek has, logically, struck at the traditional Jaffa weak spot when he was engaging the villagers). Haikon reveals that Volnek is using an Invisibility device, and Teal'c decides to use one himself in order to find Volnek. He succeeds but is unable to kill him as Volnek simply rises to his feet when he is struck down by either staff blasts or Tau'ri weaponry.

In the meantime, Major General Henry Landry sends SG-3 and SG-22 to support Teal'c's team when he does not report in; Mitchell, still invisible to the rest of the base, decides to tag along to help. Volnek, apparently retaining some measure of intelligence despite his madness, has disabled the Eye of the Gods to reach the Stargate from their lofty mountain village and has trapped Teal'c and SG-12 with him. Mitchell discovers that while Teal'c and Volnek are cloaked, they can see and hear him, but are unable to interact with him, effectively making Mitchell invincible against Volnek's enhanced strength. Mitchell and Teal'c decide to lure Volnek into an explosive trap, using A-M18A1 Claymore mines that will hopefully completely obliterate the body.

Archivo:Arthur Mantle Ancient instructions.JPG

On Earth at the same time, Daniel has been shifted to the same dimension by a mistake of Dr. Lee and learns from the device's logs that Merlin used the device to hide his latest invention from his fellow Ascended Beings. Carter is shocked to learn that he willingly gave up Ascension, until she learns what he was hiding from the Others - a weapon capable of killing ascended beings. Daniel explains that Merlin believed that the Ori posed a threat to the people of the Milky Way and anticipated the inaction of the Ancients. As far as Daniel can determine, Merlin completed the weapon, and Carter and Daniel learn that the weapon is on another planet, and the log contains the Stargate address.

Back in the regular dimension, Dr. Lee is further tinkering with the device and accidentally drains nearly all of its power. Daniel succeeds in bringing Carter and himself back just as they learn the coordinates where Merlin stored his prototype. Unfortunately, the device also affects Mitchell on the Sodan homeworld who had almost succeeded in luring Volnek into the trap. However, with some help from Teal'c, the trap succeeds after all and Volnek is reduced to minuscule and harmless pieces. Thankfully, Mitchell managed to remove the vital control crystal from Volnek's pocket before the explosive detonated and was able to repair the transport device.


A-M18A1 Claymore mine; Alternate reality; Ancient; Ancient healing device; Ancient language; Anubis; Area 51; King Arthur; Arthur's Mantle; Avalon; Nicholas Ballard; Belize; Camelot; Celt; Coffee; Crystal skull; Day of Reckoning; Dimension shifting; Eye of the Gods; Ghost; Glastonbury; Whoopi Goldberg; Hash browns; Heads up display; I.D.C.; Invisibility device; Japanese language‏‎; Jolan; Knights of the Round Table; Kull; Lepton; M Theory; Lt. McKenzie; Merlin; Ori; Others; Out of Phase; P7X-377; P8T-474; P9G-844; Planet (Arthur's Mantle); Prior; Roast beef; Ronald; SG-3; SG-12; SG-22; Sodan; Stevens; Superstring theory; Patrick Swayze; Time travel; Tretonin

Notable QuotesEditar

Mitchell: Out of phase? What does that mean?
Carter: It means we may have shifted to an alternate dimension.
Mitchell: And there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions.
Carter: No no no. That's alternate realities.
Mitchell: So when the other SG-1's showed up?
Carter: Completely different problem.

Mitchell: Roast Beef.  The one time I can't eat, they serve roast beef, (shouting at the chef) do YOU know how many times I've requested roast beef!?  This is torture.
Carter: It's only been a few hours.
Mitchell: You're not the least bit concerned about this? No one can see us or hear us, we can't touch anything, ergo no eating, no drinking, and I'm not gonna speculate on the other bodily functions... if they don't figure a way to get us back...
Carter: They'll figure it out.

Mitchell: Jackson, just the guy to help us with a little problem...
(Daniel passes through Mitchell)
Mitchell: ...or not.
Carter: The dimension we're occupying must be different from the one he was shifted to.
Mitchell: Alternate, alternate dimension?
Carter: Something like that, yeah.

Jackson: Sam.
Carter: Daniel!
Jackson: (excited) Bill, I will never doubt you again!
(Lee turns his face, smile on his face disappears)
Lee: Oh boy...
(Daniel frowns)
Lee: Doctor, Dr. Jackson, ca... can you hear me?
(Lee passes through Daniel)
Lee: If you can, press this button for yes.
(Carter pushes the button for Daniel)

Teal'c: And you are certain you will not be injured?
Mitchell: Absolutely. Hey, take your best shot if you don't— (Teal'c takes a swing at him)
Teal'c: Good luck, Colonel Mitchell.
Mitchell: Hey, did you even think twice about that?
Teal'c: I did not.
Mitchell: Huh.

Lee: Okay, I'm gonna try and make an adjustment to the algorithm, it is a bit of a long shot, but...
Landry: You better be sure about this doctor, because if you make ME disappear, there won't be a DIMENSION safe enough for you.


Plantilla:Source images

  • The symbols (at least those shown in close-up) on the keys of Arthur's Mantle do not appear to be simple letters in the Ancient language. The key used by the shifted team members for "yes" is used by Dr. Daniel Jackson as an "enter" key, indicating its role as a confirmation key; given Daniel's familiarity with the language and his reluctance to "push[...] random buttons", he likely selected the "yes" and "no" buttons for their meanings.
  • In M Theory, there are 9 spatial dimensions, not eleven as stated in the show. The tenth and eleventh dimensions mentioned in M theory are time and an extra spatial dimension, added to theory to create an overview.
  • The Sodan, who were first seen in "Babylon", are destroyed in this episode. Lord Haikon is the only survivor of the society.
  • The SGC learns that the doomsday the Priors speak of is likely to be soon.
  • The SGC learns about a weapon capable of destroying ascended beings, which might be used against the Ori or the Ancients.
  • Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell mentions that now when he has experienced alternate dimensions and alternate realities he only need to have a time-travel adventure to score the SG-1 trifecta (something he would later do in Stargate: Continuum).
  • Morris Chapdelaine (Prior) previously played Tenat in the Stargate SG-1 episodes "Prometheus Unbound" and "The Ties That Bind".
  • Daniel, Sam and Cameron refer to the events of "Crystal Skull" while Teal'c refers to those of "Evolution, Part 1" and "Evolution, Part 2".


  • The address given in the Mantle has the point of origin of the Alpha Gate, not the Beta Gate which Merlin, as an Ancient, would have been familiar with on Earth. However, as he did develop his research during King Arthur's reign, the Alpha Gate would have been the most recent gate.
  • When Teal'c first shoots Volnek and he goes over flat on his back, he can be clearly seen to be wearing what appear to be standard Tau'ri hiking boots with deep-tread hard rubber soles.
  • When Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell are walking through the corridor talking about Dr. Daniel Jackson being able to help, an SGC member moves slightly out of the way when passing Mitchell when she shouldn't be able to see them.


In other languagesEditar

  • French: Le Manteau d’Arthur (Arthur's Mantle)
  • Italian: Il Segreto di Merlino (Merlin's Secret)
  • Spanish: El Manto de Arturo (Arthur's Mantle)
  • Czech: Plášť krále Artuše (King Arthur's Mantle)
  • German (DVD/TV): Arthurs Umhang (Arthur's Mantle) / Neue Dimensionen (New Dimensions)

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