Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-2 "Need" is the fifth episode of the second season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 is caught and sent away as slave labor, except for Dr. Daniel Jackson who is starting to overuse a Sarcophagus and suffers its adverse effects which are similar to that of drug addiction. When SG-1 is finally freed, they take Jackson back to prevent him from using again.


SG-1 find themselves on a planet, watching raw Naquadah being sent through the Stargate. They decide to try to obtain some of the metal for research. While they investigate the planet they see a large pyramid and some Jaffa. They then follow Shyla through the forest, and Dr. Daniel Jackson rescues her when she is about to commit suicide. However she then starts to scream and Jaffa surround SG-1. The team is then brought into the pyramid and before the woman's father Pyrus, the ruler of the planet. However she is unwilling to tell her father the truth about what Daniel Jackson has done and Pyrus also doesn't believe the team that they come from a Goa'uld-free world. In the end SG-1 is forced into labor in the Naquadah mines of the former Goa'uld planet, accused of attacking the princess.

SG-1 has to work in the mines as slaves and while working they conclude that Pyrus isn't a Goa'uld and that the people in the Jaffa armor aren't real Jaffa. In the evening SG-1 attempts to escape the mines, but Jackson is badly injured in a rock fall due to pursuing shots from Staff weapons wielded by the pseudo-Jaffa. He wakes up in a Sarcophagus, and the princess who Jackson rescued, Shyla, tells him that he is destined for her. Jackson attempts to get SG-1 released, but the princess tells him that he will first have to earn the trust of her father, who believes that SG-1 are spies sent from the Goa'uld to retake the planet.

While Jackson lives a life of luxury the rest of the team are tortured and are worked to the breaking point. Shyla asks Jackson to use the sarcophagus again on the grounds that it will make him feel better than ever, and he initially refuses, but ends up doing it to gain her trust. Jackson becomes increasingly deranged from perpetual use of the sarcophagus, and finds himself in an ever-deepening relationship with the princess. After agreeing to marry Shyla, who is about to become queen due to the senility of her father, Jackson secures SG-1's release. Jackson returns with the rest of SG-1 to Earth, promising that he will come back to marry the princess.

Upon their return to Earth, Jackson is found to be biologically unstable, apparently because of the somewhat narcotic properties of the sarcophagus. He goes through withdrawal, during which he is mentally unstable. He demands to go back to Shyla's world, saying that they are killing him by keeping him away from the sarcophagus. He attempts to escape, and eventually pulls a gun on Colonel Jack O'Neill, before breaking down and agreeing to remain on Earth and break the addiction.

After he has recovered, SG-1 returns to the planet, where Jackson persuades Shyla (whose father has finally died) to destroy the Sarcophagus and lead her people in a different way of life than her father did. She complies and fires a Staff weapon on the Sarcophagus. Afterwards she has to say goodbye to Daniel. It is also mentioned that Stargate Command intends to find an alternative method (other than slavery) for mining the Naquadah, which shows great promise for military applications.


Adrenaline; Glasses; Goa'uld; Jolinar of Malkshur; Kalach; Kidney; Liver; The Man Who Would Be King; Mining operations; Naquadah; P3H-826; Sarcophagus; SG-3; Sha're; Snow White; Stargate Command infirmary; Star Wars; Suicide; Terella; Terellan; Tok'ra

Notable QuotesEditar

Carter: Colonel. He isn't a Goa'uld. I don't think these are real Jaffa either.
O'Neill: How do you know?
Carter: First clue was his voice.
O'Neill: Yeah, I noticed that too.
Carter: Sir, I can’t really explain it but when he grabbed me I just knew. I felt it. Or, to be more accurate, I didn’t feel it. Sir, I think it has something to do with the Goa’uld that invaded me. Lately, I…I get this weird feeling when I'm near Teal'c.
O'Neill: Hey, who doesn't?

Jackson: Hi guys.
Carter: Daniel!
O'Neill: Well. It's surprisingly difficult to kill you, isn't it?
Teal'c: We are pleased to see you Daniel Jackson.
Carter: What happened?
Jackson: Uh. Sam was right. Pyrus isn’t a Goa’uld.
O'Neill: What's with the dress?
Jackson: Oh! Ah, they're royal robes. Ah, long story short, they have a sarcophagus. Um, the princess put me in it and saved my life because she has a, ah, a crush on me.
Carter: A crush?
Jackson: Yeah. Actually, she thinks I'm her destiny, the whole saving her life thing. I guess she was grateful after all.
O'Neill: Well, good job. Now how about getting the goons to unlock us and get us the heck out of here?
Jackson: Uh yeah, not yet.
O'Neill: I’m sorry?
Jackson: Well it’s…uh…it’s kind of a sensitive situation. Pyrus hasn’t exactly agreed to let you go yet. But I’m working on it. I’m trying to gain his trust. Yeah, I know. This is really…
O'Neill: Weird?
Jackson: Look, I just wanted to let you guys know I was okay. And I will talk to Pyrus tonight at dinner.
Carter: You get dinner?
Jackson: Yeah, um, some feast in my honor. Or something.
O'Neill: Feast? There is a feast?
Jackson: Just trust me. Okay. I just, I need more time.
(Daniel turns and leaves with his escort.)
O'Neill: Glad you’re okay!

O'Neill: Carter's been having those... Goa'uld flashbacks of hers. She says if you don't stop using that... thing, you'll go to the dark side on us. If you haven't already.

Guard: Hey! You will meet the quota for today or you will not eat!
O'Neill: You know. . . I've seen an awful lot of union violations in here - I should probably speak to your supervisor.
Jaffa: You will work!
O'Neill: Hi ho, hi ho. Back to work.

O'Neill: We had a nice time, Sir. Carter picked up some Naquadah, Teal'c made some new friends, as usual. Daniel got engaged and um... I'm gonna hit the showers.


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  • In this episode it is revealed that Captain Samantha Carter can feel if a person has a symbiote within him/her. This is due to the fact that she was blended with the Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur in "In the Line of Duty".
  • This episode establishes that continual use of the Goa'uld Sarcophagus leads to mental instability. Along with genetic memory, this is the primary explanation for the inherently evil nature of the Goa'uld race, and also why the Tok'ra are not similarly evil, as they only use the far weaker Goa'uld healing device and refuse to use the Sarcophagus.
  • There is a moment here where Colonel Jack O'Neill describes Dr. Daniel Jackson as The Man Who Would Be King. The Plantilla:WPS and Plantilla:WPS by the same name actually inspired a scene in the original Stargate film when all the indigenous people of the planet bowed before Daniel, thinking Ra had sent him.
  • Shyla tells Daniel how beautiful trees are and thinks they are unique to her world. This is an in-joke at the constant use of forests as scenery throughout the series (coincidentally, Richard Dean Anderson reportedly expressed annoyance that every 'alien planet' seemed to have pine and cedar forests).
  • Daniel tells Shyla that he used the sarcophagus "a couple of times too many," referring to the Stargate film and "The Serpent's Lair".
  • After "Prisoners", this marks the second time in three episodes that SG-1 have been sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Jack tells Daniel that he has previously struggled with addiction and withdrawal.
  • When a guard tells O'Neill to kneel, he mentions that he can't because he has "a cartilage problem, an ACL thing." This is true in real life as Richard Dean Anderson actually has injured his knees several times including having surgery shortly before the sixth season which had to be written into "Redemption, Part 1".
  • This is the first of twenty-eight episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis written by Damian Kindler. He and Robert C. Cooper worked together on Plantilla:WPS. Kindler would later join the writing staff in season six.


  • While SG-1 is being brought before Pyrus in chains, Teal'c can be seen at the end of the line tripping over his chains as one wraps around his ankle, and then swinging his right leg back and forth to untangle it.
  • When Dr. Daniel Jackson escapes from his bonds and knocks out the guard, his third punch very visibly misses the guard entirely. Others aren't particularly well acted either.

In other languagesEditar

  • French: La Princesse Shyla (Princess Shyla)
  • German: Der Sarkophag (The Sarcophagus)
  • Italian: Il Sarcofago (The Sarcophagus)
  • Spanish: Necesidades (Needs)
  • Czech: Závislost (Addiction)
  • Hungarian: Szarkofág (Sarcophagus)

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