Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-6 "Prophecy" is the twenty first episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


Mot is planning on taking over a planet of poor inhabitants. Meanwhile, Jonas Quinn, who was experimented on by Nirrti, receives a series of startling visions about what is going to happen, including the destruction of Stargate Command. He plans on stopping this, but the visions are slowly killing him.

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The Goa'uld Nirrti experimented on several races in an attempt to create a Hok'tar. On a mission to P3X-367, Jonas Quinn is placed in the DNA resequencer by Nirrti.


SG-1 has a meal on the planet P4S-237 with the poor inhabitants. Their leader, Ellori, tells them that their planet once belonged to Ba'al, who extracted naquadah from it until the deposits became scarce. However, the people still have to give naquadah to Ba'al's underlord, Mot. During the meal, Jonas Quinn has a strange vision; shortly thereafter his vision really happens. Afterward, Jonas suddenly collapses.

At Stargate Command, Dr. Janet Fraiser tells Major General George S. Hammond and Jonas that she has found strange activity in Jonas' brain. During a meeting, SG-1 informs Hammond about what they learned on the planet and plan to free the people from oppression. During the meeting, Jonas again has a short vision and it again happens just as he saw it. He talks with Major Samantha Carter about it, who finds the premise scientifically impossible by the laws of quantum physics. Fraiser later informs Hammond that she has possibly found a tumor in Jonas' brain, so Jonas is suspended from the mission. Suddenly, a Tok'ra named Sina comes through the gate and meets with SG-1. Strangely, Jonas already previously knew about this appearance. Sina informs SG-1 about the situation of the System Lords, especially Ba'al. Later, Jonas suggests that perhaps Nirrti is responsible for his visions and Fraiser warns Hammond that the tumor could kill Jonas. Jonas again has a vision about Sam being hurt and rushes to stop SG-1 from going through the Stargate. It is logically decided that Carter will stay on base.

SG-1 and SG-15 go to the planet and enlighten the inhabitants about their plan. Ellori tells them that his people will help them whilst another villager, Chazen, goes in the forest and uses a Goa'uld long range visual communication device. At Stargate Command, Jonas is informed by MSgt. Sylvester Siler that an accident happened and that Carter was badly wounded. Jonas sees that this happened in his vision and apologizes to Carter, she quickly accepts his apology, knowing he was trying to keep her safe. On the planet, SG-1 speaks with Ellori when suddenly, a Goa'uld ship appears and Chazen stuns everyone with a shock grenade. At the SGC, Fraiser finds Jonas blacked-out in his lab.

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The imprisoned Colonel Jack O'Neill talks with Lord Mot, who plans to extract information on how to deactivate the iris at SGC; Mot even threatens to torture the villagers. At the SGC, Jonas has another premonition about a Goa'uld attack on the base which results in a devastating explosion. He informs Hammond about it and plans to focus his mind to find out more. In the meantime, the SG teams are freed by Ellori's daughter, Natania, and plan to get reinforcements. Jonas uses meditation to obtain another vision about how the SG teams on the planet are killed. He again blacks out but not before he is able to tell Carter, and is rushed into surgery. She and Hammond try to warn SG-1 but Chazen intercepts the message and sounds the alarm, only to discover the SG teams have escaped. At the gate, the SG teams are ambushed by Jaffa while Mot nearly kills Chazen for sounding the alarm. However, Ellori's daughter brazenly shoots and kills Mot with one of the team's sidearms and, thanks to the alarm, the SG teams are alerted to the presence of the Jaffa and manage to fight off the ambush.

(Using Stargate universe's divergent-path multiverse reality Its likely her emotionally driven response to shoot Mot and free her father, on top of the alarm sounding due to their precognition inspired radio transmission were both two factors leading to an unforeseeable outcome diverging from the path Jonas saw, leading them along their timeline, and as Sam predicted what Jonas views is only but a single branch of the many paths that can and are taken.)

In the meantime, the doctors at SGC successfully remove the tumor. Hammond calls in several reinforcements to the gate room, preparing for any impending threat. The iris is opened and the SG teams finally come through. Jack asks Hammond to go back to the planet (of course, with more men) to help the people. SG-1 later visits the recovering Jonas and tells him of their success on the planet. In the end, Jonas talks with Carter about his visions, pondering how odd it is that, in changing his vision of the future, they fulfilled a prophecy that was made on that planet a millennia ago.


Anubis; Ba'al; Brain; Brain surgery; Cancer; Candle; Defibrillator; DNA resequencer; EEG; Eggar; Cassandra Fraiser; GDO; Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle; Hok'tar; Iris; Kelmino root; Kelowna; Las Vegas; Level 25; MALP; Mess hall; MRI; Naquadah; Naquadria; Newtonian physics; Nirrti; P4S-237; P3X-367; The Pentagon; Physics; Precognition; Precognition: Your dreams DO come true; Schizophrenia; SG-3; SG-10; SG-15; Stargate Command infirmary; Tel'tak; Tok'ra; Wodan; Yu

Notable QuotesEditar

O'Neill: So you're seeing things before they happen.
Jonas: That's right.
O'Neill: Like what's for lunch.

Teal'c: We have encountered many strange phenomenon, Jonas Quinn. But I have yet to meet anyone who can see the future.
Carter: It goes against all the laws of physics as we understand them.

Carter: It's hard to believe that Yu hasn't been destroyed yet.
Sina: Given that he is the only System Lord still in opposition to Anubis, his persistence is remarkable.
O'Neill: You go, Yu!

O'Neill: You know everytime I wake up in a Gou'ald cell, I can't help the thought that something bad's gonna happen.

Mot: You are the Tau'ri of Stargate Command.
O'Neill: And you . . . are Lord Mot – here to punish us for our insolence, etc., yada, et al.

Teal'c: Are you still having visions, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: Not since the surgery, no.
O'Neill: So no lottery numbers?
Jonas: 'Fraid not.
O'Neill: No trip to Vegas, just you and me?

Jonas: We changed the way things played out, which would seem to indicate the future isn't predetermined. But by doing so we fulfilled an ancient prophecy. A thousand years ago someone in that village predicted that this would happen. Now how do you explain that?
Carter: Maybe it was just a lucky guess.


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  • The book that Jonas Quinn is reading in this episode is Precognition: Your dreams DO come true by W. Waring PhD. William Waring was the director of this episode and his photograph is on the back of the book.
  • The bomb that the Jaffa have when they invade Stargate Command in Jonas' vision is a reuse of a similar prop from "Proving Ground."
  • Yu is the only System Lord still in opposition to Anubis, with the others having capitulated to him in the past year.
  • Mot was the Canninite god of death. He fought against Ba'al and was defeated some time in Earth's past, then went on to serve him as an underlord. For some time he, like Astarte, was unquestionably loyal to Ba'al and served as the military commander for his master's Jaffa legions who were situated on the frontier of Ba'al's domain. As the god of death, the opposite of Ba'al, he set himself up as a fiend in his subjects' eyes so that Ba'al, or indeed any of his underlords, could act as a hero when they cast the "dark" god out.
  • Thomas Kopache is one of a handful of actors to appear on all four of the Star Trek TV spin-off series. His largest role was as Kira Nerys' father Kira Taban in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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  • French: La Prophétie (The Prophecy)
  • Italian: La Profezia (The Prophecy)
  • Spanish: Profecía (Prophecy)
  • Czech: Proroctví (Prophecy)

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