"Flesh and Blood" is the first episode of the tenth season of Stargate SG-1.


Four Ori warships arrive through the Supergate and wiped out most of the fleet protecting the Milky Way. Vala Mal Doran gives birth to Adria, who is growing quickly in order to spread the word of Origin. After the survivors of the battle are rescued, Stargate Command learns of the Ori's first target, Chulak.

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Vala Mal Doran makes contact from the Alterano Home Galaxy and informs SG-1 that she is pregnant with a child that is the will of the Ori and the Ori are building a fleet of ships and they are preparing to leave. The Ori manage to build a Supergate in the Milky Way and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter is unable to dial out before the Ori can dial in. The gate opens and four Ori warships emerge and attack the fleet consisting of Tau'ri, Asgard, Jaffa, Tok'ra and Lucian Alliance ships. Several Ha'taks are destroyed in the battle as well as the Korolev with Carter stranded floating in space.


After becoming pregnant while in the Ori's home galaxy ("Crusade"), Vala Mal Doran gives birth to her miracle child. But no one can predict the astonishing – and dangerous – being that is brought into the world. Adria, Vala's child, is by all appearances a normal human child. But in truth, the girl is the chosen human champion of the Ori. Called "Orici" by the Priors, she grows rapidly, aging years in a matter of hours (up to about age 12).

The girl is an oracle, programmed with the knowledge of her race – and with their power – destined to lead the Ori on a campaign for galactic domination. Though attended by servants and worshipers, she remains a human child who yearns for love and approval from her mother.

The Ori fleet has arrived in our galaxy ("Camelot"), with Dr. Daniel Jackson (who managed to ring off the Korolev as it was destroyed) and Vala on board one of their ships. Ori warriors roam the halls, while peasants serve as staff on the ship. Vala visits her child in the impressive "Oracle's Room," and learns that the young girl knows and believes all that the Ori do about ascension. Adria claims that it was the Ancients who tried to destroy the Ori for their beliefs, and not the other way around – and that the Ori most certainly do ascend their followers, contrary to what the Ancients have told them.

She claims further that it is the Ancients, and not the Ori, who drain power from their followers. They created human life in our galaxy to gain enough power to destroy the Ori – making this bloody crusade a preemptive strike against the true "evil."

Elsewhere, the Earth ship Odyssey squares off against the sole remaining ship of the Lucian Alliance fleet, whose crew have decided that Teal'c talked them into joining the battle against the Ori ships to weaken the Lucian fleet. Both ships are heavily damaged, but the Lucian Ha'tak mothership has no weapons functionality. Unfortunately, two more Lucian ships exit hyperspace in the vicinity. Three more Ha'taks, however, exit hyperspace nearby as well – commanded not by the Alliance, but by Bra'tac. Before a firefight can ensue, the two fresh Lucian ships open fire on and destroy the disabled original before leaving. Luckily, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Kvasir manage to fix the Odyssey's Asgard transporter in time and beam Teal'c aboard just as the ship is destroyed.

While Daniel and Vala deal with her daughter, the rest of the team joins Bra'tac and the Jaffa in an assault on three ships in orbit of the Jaffa planet Chulak. The Odyssey is left behind to finish repairs on its hyperdrive and then go back to Earth for full repairs. Adria is leading the conquest of the planet, on board a ship that has landed on the surface. Vala hopes to sway her daughter, challenging her decision to slaughter innocent people.

Carter radios the Ori ships in the hopes of contacting any survivors of the Korolev, the Russian-commanded Earth ship destroyed by the Ori. Daniel finds his radio and responds, assuring Carter that he made it okay. He and Vala hope to stun Adria and capture her. It is learned that the Russians discovered that the Ori ships have a weakness: their shields flicker slightly at the moment their weapons fire, allowing Transportation rings onto the Ori ships. Daniel used this weakness at the last second as the ship was about to explode.

Meanwhile, two of Bra'tac's three Ha'taks have been destroyed. The crew attempts to send a powerful explosive aboard an Ori warship, taking advantage of the shield "flicker". Unfortunately, this does not work, and Bra'tac resolves to ram the Ori ship. As the ship heads towards destruction, the Odyssey suddenly drops out of hyperspace, having come to help. At Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell's order, the crew beams aboard himself, Teal'c, Carter and Bra'tac upon whom he'd planted a locator beacon just in case the Odyssey came to help. Seconds later, the Ha'tak impacts the Ori shields, following Carter's prediction that it would not even come into contact with the ship's hull.

Inside the ship on the planet's surface, Vala attempts to convince Adria to question her faith in the Ori, but Daniel enters before his cue, followed by her husband Tomin, who has realized that Daniel is not one of the Ori soldiers. Tomin attempts to shoot Daniel with his staff weapon, but Vala jumps into the path of the blast. As Adria and Tomin rush to Vala's side, Daniel stuns them using the Ori stun weapon mounted on his wrist.

Before they can leave the room, flames spring up in front of the door, and a Prior steps through. But before he can do anything significant, Daniel realizes that he is about to beamed aboard the Odyssey and grabs Vala, causing them both to be teleported to safety, but leaving Adria behind, who could have been a powerful ally if convinced to denounce the Ori. An Ori ship fires at the Odyssey, but it jumps into hyperspace and escapes.

As SG-1 recuperates, the Ori have complete superiority in the Milky Way. Mitchell says they need a plan.


Adria (Vala's stepmother); Ancient; Antarctica; Antarctic outpost; Artificial gravity; Ascension; Asgard; Asgard transporter; Atlantis; Battle of P3Y-229; Bra'tac's Ha'tak; Chulak; Dakara; Doci; F-302 fighter-interceptor; Goa'uld; Ha'tak; International Oversight Advisory; Jacek; Jaffa grenade; Korolev; Life support; Lucian Alliance; Maneuvering thruster; Netan's Ha'tak; Odyssey; Ori; Origin; Ori Army; Ori energy beam weapon; Ori fighter; Ori staff weapon; Ori stun weapon; Ori warship; Orici; Orlin; Pregnancy; Prior; Pyrokinesis; Sandwich; Space suit; Telekinesis; Transportation rings; Zat'nik'tel; Zero Point Module

Notable QuotesEditar

Emerson: Why would the first wave just leave us behind? They had to know there were survivors.
Mitchell: They need witnesses. Their goal is not to kill us all, it's to convert us. Their wish is to go forth and tell everybody how they kicked our asses.

Vala: You know, I never thought I'd agree with my father but now I'm starting to remember about how he used to go about, you nurture them, and you raise them, and you teach them the best that you can, and then all they do is break your heart. I always assumed that his experience was just tainted by me.
Jackson: What are you talking about?
Vala: Wow. She started off all sweet and innocent and now she's hell bent on domination of the galaxy.
Jackson: What? How old is she?
Vala: A few hours. The Ori used me to sneak one of their own over the border.

Vala: She's been genetically altered – she'll be a fully grown figurehead in a day or so. If she takes after her mother she'll have a pretty good figure, too.
Jackson: This is bad.
Vala: You're telling me. Origin is about to become a lot more appealing to the males of this galaxy.

Vala: She wanted me to give her a name.
Jackson: And?
Vala: Adria. Told her it was my mother's.
Jackson: Not?
Vala: Step-mother. Witch of a woman.
Jackson: The more I get to know you, the more I understand.
Vala: What?
Jackson: Nothing.

Landry: You know, if I had the salaries they pay those idiot blowhard politicians to put into my budget... I'm sorry did I say that out loud?

Mitchell: Unfortunately, right now there is no war. In a war you've got two sides fighting. All we have is a lot of winning by the bad guys.


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In other languagesEditar

  • French: L'Oricy (The Orici) (The change in spelling may be due to the will to give a more "Englishy" dimension to the name, even if it is pronounced more according to the Italian fashion: Oreetshee. "Ori" is pronounced "Oree")
  • Italian: Carne e Sangue (Flesh and Blood)
  • Spanish: De Carne y Hueso (Of Flesh and Bone)
  • Czech: Z masa a kostí (Of Flesh and Bone)
  • German: Fleisch und Blut (Flesh and Blood)

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