Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-2 "Show and Tell" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Stargate SG-1.


A genetically engineered young boy is brought to Earth and talks with Colonel Jack O'Neill, who warns him that a group of invisible rebels, known as the Reetou, plan to wipe out all humans in order to defeat the Goa'uld. Unknown to the SGC there are five Reetou rebels also hiding in Stargate Command.


During an unscheduled activation of the Stargate, the iris continually opens, despite Stargate Commands attempts to close it. A young boy with a bald head steps through and Captain Samantha Carter examines him. She finds that he is neither a Goa'uld nor a Jaffa. The young boy then claims that he was sent to warn the humans.


After further examinations to make sure he doesn't have a small gate-destroying bomb or poisoned teeth like other alien children that came through, the boy tells them that his "Mother" wants him to talk with Colonel Jack O'Neill alone. Once everyone leaves, the boy tells O'Neill about his mother's findings after she followed the SG team through the Stargate. He takes on the name of Charlie, O'Neill's son. Charlie comes from Reetalia, where invisible aliens, the Reetou, live. The Goa'uld regard the Reetou as a possible threat and have been trying to wipe them out. As a genetically engineered human, his rapid growth was failing, and it was necessary for him to come to Earth immediately. He explains that Mother kept the Iris open for him and that another rebel faction of the Reetou wants to defeat the Goa'uld by destroying all humans, thus depriving the Goa'uld of potential hosts.

SG-1 call the Tok'ra with the Tollan Inverted phase communicator. Jacob Carter and another Tok'ra bring in devices called Transphase Eradication Rods which can detect a Reetou and destroy it. Charlie gives SG-1 the co-ordinates for the rebel base.

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Upon arriving on P63-2031, they discover the entire faction of rebels. Returning, they learn that five rebel Reetou have followed them. Sealing the base to make sure the Reetou don't use their bombs to destroy cities, they make a sweep of the base. In the infirmary, Charlie's mother shoots a rebel but is shot by another. After cleaning the base, Charlie's major organs begin to shut down. The Tok'ra offer to take him in and blend him with a symbiote, which Jack and Dr. Janet Fraiser agree to. However, it is not known if this worked in the end.


Brecker; CAT Scan; Chu; Code Nine; DNA; Foothold situation; Fragmentation grenade; Goa'uld; Inverted phase communicator; Iris; Jaffa; Level 27; Level 28; Lung; MALP; Mother; Multiphasic blaster; Naquadah; Charlie O'Neill; P63-2031; Palm scanner; Plunkett; Quantum physics; Reetalia; Reetou; Reetou Central Authority; Reetou Rebel; Renal failure; Rothman; Salish; SG-5; SG-12; SG-14; Stargate Command infirmary; Tok'ra; Tonane; Transphase Eradication Rod; Trinium

Notable QuotesEditar

(A young boy exits the Stargate.)
Hammond: Search him.
O'Neill: General? If I…may suggest…allowing Carter to do it. She can detect other stuff.
(Hammond nods, and Carter approaches the boy.)
Carter: Hello. What's your name? Okay. My name is Sam. I have to check you for…for things you probably know nothing about. But just in case… (Carter touches the boy's head and ears while he stands by passively. She stands to address the others.) Well, he's not Goa'uld or Jaffa. I can't sense any naquadah. As far as I can tell he's clean.
O'Neill: What's he doing here?
Charlie: I am here to warn you.

Charlie: Jaffa!
O'Neill: (to Teal'c) Get that a lot?

O'Neill: So what do I call you?
Charlie: I do not have a name.
O'Neill: What's your mom call you?
Charlie: Son.
O'Neill: That's not much of a name.
Charlie: No. It's more of a description.

(Jacob and another Tok'ra exit the Stargate.)
Jacob: Hello, Sam.
Carter: Dad, we have a little bit of a situation and we may need Selmak's help.
Jacob: Selmak Selmak Selmak. I thought maybe you just wanted to see your old man.
Carter: (smiling) I do, Dad.
Hammond: But this time we do need your symbiote, Jacob.
Jacob: Nice to see you too, George.
Hammond: No offense, old friend.
Selmak: It is an honor to once again return to your planet, General. What can we do for you?
Hammond: Have you ever heard of something called a Reetou?
Selmak: Yes. Why?
Hammond: We may have one here.
Selmak: (to other Tok'ra) Tok'ra kree. Tak lan onobi lon. (to Hammond) Please send him back to where we came from.
(Hammond gives the signal to do so)
Selmak: In the meantime, take me to this Reetou.

Jacob: Pretty tough to shoot at a moving target that you can't see.

Carter: Even though we can't see them, these Reetou, they can definitely see us.
Teal'c: Which poses a great strategic disadvantage. I understand why the Goa'uld want to eliminate them.
O'Neill: They're Goa'uld, Teal'c - that's their job!

Jacob: The Re'tu rebels are kind of like terrorists are here on Earth. Nasty guys. They could do a lot of damage here, folks. Kill a lot of people.
O'Neill: How many are there?
Jacob: Don't know. But I do know their M.O. They work in small groups of five infiltrators. They sneak in, split up, plant destructive devices and try to maximize the damage before they're even detected.

Charlie: Mother says not to cry.
O'Neill: Crying's okay.
Charlie: She says the boys of your culture do not cry.
O'Neill: Not true. In fact there's an official list of reasons for which crying is a good thing.
Charlie: Mother is leaving.
O'Neill: Now see, that's a good reason. Mom leaving I believe is number six on the list of good reasons.

Jackson: Isn't he a little young to be a host?
Selmak: He is young. But the Tok'ra symbiote that we introduce to his mind can teach him. He will grow up with the advantages that great wisdom brings.
O'Neill: Two keywords there: grow up.


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In other languagesEditar

  • French : L'Ennemi Invisible (The Invisible Enemy)
  • German: Neue Feinde (New Foes)
  • Italian: Mostra e Racconta (Show and Tell)
  • Spanish: Amenaza invisible (Invisible Threat)
  • Czech: Neviditelný nepřítel (Invisible Enemy)
  • Hungarian: Bújócska (Hide and Seek)

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