Plantilla:Infobox Episode Plantilla:SG1-6 "The Other Guys" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


The Goa'uld Khonsu has learned of SG-1's location and has his Jaffa capture the team. SG-1's only hope to rescue them is the incompetent scientist Dr. Jay Felger, who is quite fond of the team, but his mission is soon unsurprisingly compromised.


A Goa'uld named Khonsu has learned of SG-1's location and orders his First Prime, Her'ak, to capture the team.


On another world, three scientists research a set of Transportation rings. One of them, Dr. Jay Felger, is fascinated with watching SG-1. He giddily talks with Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, when the two are suddenly called by Major Samantha Carter. O'Neill orders the scientists to stay put while he assists Carter. Felger begins to quarrel with one of his colleagues when an Al'kesh suddenly screeches overhead. Felger contacts SG-1, which is under attack by several Jaffa. The three scientists hurriedly run to the scene, only to see the team transported away. Felger valiantly decides to use the ring transporter to ring himself and another comrade, Dr. Simon Coombs, aboard the nearby Ha'tak, while the third Dr. Meyers reports back to Major General George S. Hammond and Stargate Command.

On the ship SG-1 is sequestered in a cell, discussing their fate, when suddenly Her'ak enters and speaks of SG-1’s future. In the meantime, Felger and Coombs slip through the ship in search for SG-1. They find them, much to O'Neill’s dismay. He angrily reveals to the bumbling pair that their capture was planned in order to contact a Tok'ra. SG-1 is able to procure the assistance of two free Jaffa to move the scientists to a safe location whilst they carry out their mission.

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The Ha'tak arrives on Khonsu’s planet where SG-1 is imprisoned in a special cell inside of Khonsu's base. On the ship, the two free Jaffa are shot down as known traitors, much to the shock of the two scientists. Coombs panics but Felger calmly assures his partner that he has a plan. They disguise themselves as Jaffa and ring to the planet under protest from Coombs. Inside the fortress, Her'ak confronts Khonsu and shoots him. He exposes Khonsu to the other Jaffa as the Tok'ra spy and orders that their allegiance now belongs to Anubis. He promptly takes over command and orders SG-1 be brought before him. They are told of Khonsu’s untimely demise. O'Neill is tortured with a Rod of Anguish so that he reveals where the Tok'ra are. However, he knows nothing, thus the team is taken away.

Back at SGC, Hammond is informed that Khonsu was killed but knows they are powerless to do anything without knowing SG-1's location. The two other scientists, again in search for SG-1, find a control room with access to the entire base. They contact SG-1 and, with the help of Carter, Coombs is able to lower the energy field holding SG-1. In the meantime, Felger brings the team weapons. They formulate a plan to take out the Jaffa outside the base, while Coombs aids from the control room. SG-1 successfully immobilizes the Jaffa on the ground despite overwhelming numbers. However, Felger relays the fact that Coombs is trapped inside the control room, nearly breached by Jaffa. Coombs beams O'Neill and Teal'c inside the base who decimate the Jaffa and rescue him. The three ring to the planet and leave through the Stargate.

Back at the base, Felger and Coombs are honored in a ceremony as heroes by Hammond, O'Neill personally thanks the two, and Carter passionately kisses Felger. However, it fades into a maladroit Felger daydreaming, and the scientist realizes his job may be better than the life-threatening missions of SG-1.


Al'kesh; Amon Shek; Anubis; Apophis; Cat; Dial Home Device; First Prime; Goa'uld; Ha'tak; Hockey; Khonsu's World; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Meals ready to eat; Naquadah generator; P4X-233; P5X-112; Pyramid Base Control; Rod of Anguish; Gene Roddenberry; Shol'va; Staff cannon; Staff weapon; Stanley Cup; Star Trek; Tok'ra; Transportation rings; Turkey; Vancouver; Yale University; Zat'nik'tel

Notable QuotesEditar

O'Neill: So T, who you takin' in the cup? (pause) Lord Stanley's Cup? Hockey? Remember, with the ice and the skating. We went to a game last year!
Teal'c: Indeed. I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are superior warriors.
O'Neill: Canucks, eh?

O'Neill: What's your time frame there?
Felger: Uh, a day or so, then you guys can get right back to saving the world again. (laughs) For the seventh time.
Teal'c: Eighth.
O'Neill: What, you're counting?

Jaffa: This is nothing compared to what Anubis is capable of.
O'Neill: You ended that sentence with a preposition! Bastard!

Coombs: I'm not a soldier! I teach applied math at Yale! I have a Vespa and two cats!

Carter: (to Jonas Quinn) How come you're not smiling?
Jonas Quinn: Should I be?
Carter: Here is your first time being captured by the Gu'auld

Felger: Aren't you guys the slightest bit worried about them? (referring to SG-1)
Coombs: They'll be back Felger. Can't you see they're just havin' fun with you.
Felger: What are you talking about!? There's something going on out there!
Coombs: Oh please! Huh!? They're just tired of your butt-snorkeling! (Starts imitating Felger) So tell me how you finally defeated Apophis, Colonel O'Neill. Oh, Major Carter, I based my doctoral thesis on your amazing wormhole stability theories.
Felger: Bite me, Coombs! At least my heroes exist... if this was a Trek convention, you'd be all dressed up like a Klingon.
Coombs: VULCAN! FELGER! VULCAN! And I don't know how you can call yourself a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry.
Felger: (Imitating a random Star Trek character) Oooh, how are we going to get out of this one Captain? Oh, I don't know, something to do with a Tachyeon emitter!?
Meyers: GUYS! KNOCK IT OFF! ... Now what say we hook up the naquadah generator and see if we can't get this baby started?
Felger: Fine.
Coombs: Good.
Felger: Nerd.
Coombs: Geek.

Felger: Stand easy. We're here to rescue you.
Carter: Did he say we!?
Felger: That's right. I have Coombs with me!
Coombs: Hi!
O'Neill: Why look, everybody!? He's got Coombs with him!

Felger: When are you going to start trusting me, Simon? I have four post-graduate degrees!
Coombs: And not one of them cover Jaffa military tactics!!

Coombs: Dang it, Felger this can not be the way.
Felger: I swear... it's up here and to the left.
Coombs: That's what you said 3 lefts ago.


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  • French: Acte de Bravoure (Bravery)
  • Italian: Gli Altri Ragazzi (The Other Guys)
  • Spanish: Los Otros Héroes (The Other Heroes)
  • Czech: Hrdinové (Heroes)

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